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Curl Enhancing

TIGI Catwalk Styling Curl Enhancing

It’s time to pump up the volume and rock ‘n’ roll! TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier creates curls that hit all the right notes! With enhanced definition, amazing texture and impressive volume, your curls and waves will be screaming star quality. Better still, humidity protection is built-in to fight the frizz and you will benefit from the hold you need to fix your style. You can style in confidence and create rock star looks at home every day. TIGI Catwalk ensures that your curls make music and rock the house down.

  • TIGI

    TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock-Amplifier 150ml

    MSRP: £16.95

    Enhance your hair If you look around now, how many styles of hair do you see? Straight? Curly? Long? Short? If you are in a public place, no doubt you will see them all, probably not if you are alone in your room searching for the right product for your...