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How does the right toner improve your skin?

Toners are fast-penetrating liquids which hydrate your skin and remove dead skin cells to produce a more glowing complexion. Your toner will also act like a primer for the other products that you use in your skincare regime including your moisturiser. It is important to select the correct toner for your skin type, as it will then restore your skin to the correct pH balance. Your toner will also sweep away any impurities which remain after cleansing and then prepares your skin to better absorb other treatments.

Why have toners received a bad rap?

Highly astringent toners were once liberally plastered onto teenage faces in the hope of mopping up all that excess oil and banishing acne. You may be familiar with that stinging feeling! But those toners were highly acidic and could quickly dry out your skin. For this reason, they often did more harm than good. We have a better understanding of our skin’s needs these days and so the new generation of toners are far gentler with formulas to suit all skin types.

The finest toners, tailored to you

You must choose a toner which suits your skin type. After all, if your skin is too dry, the last thing you need is a toner which strips yet more oil from it! Our exceptional range of toners has been selected from the outstanding Alpha-H, Decléor, Dermalogica, Mavala and Dr. Hauschka collections. From soothing micellar waters to the more acidic lotions which defend against breakouts, we feature the perfect toner for every complexion.

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