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Toners are a beauty must-have that hydrate your delicate facial skin and remove dead skin cells, to give you a glowing complexion. Your facial toner sweeps away any impurities which remain after cleansing, and also acts like a primer for the other products in your skin care regime, including moisturiser. Some facial toners are single-purpose and others are multi-purpose, but all are designed to help even out your skin tone.

When should you use toner?

You should use toner after cleansing your face, but before using moisturisers or serums. Modern-day toners have a water-like consistency and are gentle on your skin, so you can typically use them in both the morning and the evening, which is especially good for oil skin. That said, if you have very dry skin, experts advise only using toner once a day. After all, if your skin is too dry, the last thing you need is to double up on a toner which removes any oil from it.

The finest facial toners, tailored to you

Our exceptional range of toners has been selected from outstanding brands like Dermalogica, Dr. Hauschka and Comfort Zone. From soothing micellar waters to the more acidic lotions which defend against breakouts, we feature the perfect toner for every complexion.

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