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Skin Resurfacing

Getting under your skin

Providing a pick-me-up for your skin without the need for surgery or a chemical peel, our resurfacing treatments could make all the difference to your look. With the passing years, collagen and elastin production diminishes, causing your skin to lose its tone and firmness. Dun damage can hasten wrinkles and age spots while vascular issues may cause blemishes and redness to develop. Resurfacing treatments remove dead cells and boost collagen, promoting cell renewal and delivering improved skin tone.

Skin resurfacing to reveal a better you

It’s easy to incorporate skin resurfacing into your daily skincare routine. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced and you can address areas of hyper-pigmentation for a more even complexion. Our creams and serums won’t cause any discomfort, as you are able to lift your look without applying harsh chemicals to your skin. What have you got to lose but a few dead cells?

The perfect resurfacing treatment for your skin

Alpha-H, Dermalogica, SkinCeuticals and Skin Doctors have conducted extensive research before formulating their skin resurfacing treatments. You can cleanse, exfoliate and prime your skin with the impressive Alpha-H Liquid Gold Resurfacing Cleansing Cream. Alternatively, boost your look in a matter of minutes with the Dermalogica AGE Smart Rapid Reveal Peel. We are sure you will find a treatment which is appropriate for your skin type in our range. One which is easy to use and delivers the improvements you are looking for.

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