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Sensitive Skin Care

Finding the right sensitive skin products for you can feel like a minefield: everyone’s skin is different, and sometimes it seems like the things that work for everyone else just don’t work for you. Thankfully, sensitive skin care has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and there are now more products out there than ever before which are carefully formulated for even the most sensitive of skin types. We’ve curated our sensitive skin care range with the help of international skin care experts, so that you can find the products you need in a formula that works for you.

What ingredients are bad for sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, it’s important to choose treatments which don’t feature potential irritants like fragrances, antibacterial ingredients, alcohol, retinoids and alpha-hydroxy acids. Many popular cosmetics, skin care treatments and even toiletries contain ingredients that work perfectly for those with hardier skin, but which can cause stinging, redness, tightness, and breakouts in people who require a more sensitive skin care regime.

What are the causes of sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin can be caused by a variety of underlying conditions including eczema, rosacea, or allergic contact dermatitis. Excessively dry, injured or sun damaged skin may also become sensitive, but for most people there is no logical explanation for the reactions they experience. Genetics and age also play a role in how your skin reacts to the products that you use.

How do you take care of sensitive skin?

If you are experiencing reactions to ordinary skin care products, switch to gentle formulas for sensitive skin. Our sensitive skin care creams, balms and masks will soothe your troubled skin to leave you feeling much more comfortable. There are formulas to strengthen and repair your skin, and products designed to calm redness, breakouts and other reactions.

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