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Skin Lightening

Our carefully curated skin lightening range includes skin lightening pills and lightening facial creams, as well as body lightening lotions you can trust. We know that just as some of our customers are determined to achieve darker skin tones with tanning products, there are others who would prefer a lighter tone, often because of dark patches or discolouration. 

With many disreputable suppliers out there selling products that can be harmful to your skin as well as your health, we have chosen to curate clinically tested, safe and effective products from specialist brands, to enable you to get the results you want without the risk of harm.

Do skin lighteners work?

When you buy from a reputable brand like Fair Beauty, Skin Doctors or SkinCeuticals, you’re in safe hands. Not all skin lightening products on the market are effective, but these specialist creators have invested heavily in researching and producing skin lightening creams, pills and lotions that really can reduce the appearance of dark patches.

It’s important to avoid unregulated and illegally imported treatments, which often contain hydroquinone and mercury not mentioned on their labels. These are harmful ingredients that could permanently damage your skin. As a trusted UK supplier of skin lightening creams and products, we only source from genuine suppliers so that you have peace of mind knowing anything you buy has been professionally tried and tested.

How long does skin lightening cream take to work?

In most cases, skin lightening should be noticeable after around four weeks of use, but no two people are the same and you may find that results are much faster or that they take a little more time to come through. The important thing is to know that the products you choose are proven to be effective, which is a guarantee we give you at BeyondBeautiful.

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  • Skin Doctors

    Skin Doctors SD White & Bright 50ml

    MSRP: £21.99

    Targets skin discolouration for a lighter, brighter complexion The Skin Doctors SD White & Bright is a clinically proven targeted skin tone enhancer that works on fading areas of pigmentation, revealing a lighter, brighter complexion. Containing...