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Mother and Baby

Is your baby’s skin different to your own?

Your baby’s skin is more delicate than yours and requires special care. It is in a state of development and so is more vulnerable to irritants and humidity. Harsh cleansers and chemicals could disturb young skin’s natural barrier. As it is a baby’s first line of defence to their environment, it is important that their skin remains healthy. Dry skin is uncomfortable and could weaken a baby’s ability to ward off infection.

Taking care of baby’s skin

We have chosen a wonderful collection of wipes, balms and sunscreens which have been evolved to care for delicate young skin. Free from harsh chemicals and featuring natural ingredients, they will gently cleanse and moisturise. Boasting naturally antiseptic ingredients, the formulas nourish and protect baby skin. Better still, our Badger Baby Sunscreen Cream has been tested and approved safe for your little one. It is vital their they are shielded from UVA and UVB rays and this gentle yet effective solution will provide the defence they need.

Baby skincare you can trust

We have selected only the gentlest products from leading skincare collections. Badger, Dr Hauschka and Australian Bodycare are brands you can trust to take care of your baby. After all, doesn’t your little one deserve the very best?

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