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Why do you have a stiff upper lip?

Both summer and winter weather can play havoc on your lips, ensuring that both your upper and lower lip feel dry and sore. But why are your lips so prone to chapping and cracking? The skin on your lips is thinner than anywhere else on your body, leaving it more vulnerable to the effects of the weather. To make matters worse, your lips don’t have pores and so there are no sweat or oil glands to keep them hydrated. The summer sun and the cold dry air of winter remove moisture from your lips and when you breathe through your mouth, you blow moisture away from them. In a single day, you can find that your lips have become uncomfortably dry and are beginning to crack.

The finest Lip-service

Your lips are impacted by the weather surprisingly quickly, especially if you expose them to extreme conditions. But you can protect your lips from damage and nurture chapped lips back to health by applying lip balm. The balms in our range feature wonderful waxes which provide a barrier to protect your skin from the elements. Moisture is locked in to enable your lips to repair themselves while they are shielded from the wind and UV rays.

Your Lips are Sealed

Selected from the highly-regarded Carmex, Badger and Decléor collections, our lips balms seal your lips and leave them feeling soft and supple. You will love the choice of flavours which include vibrant minty recipes, fruity formulas and sweet treats. You can protect your lips from chapping moving forward and if they are already damaged, the balms will ensure that your luscious lips make a swift comeback!

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