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Lip Balms and Serums

A nourishing lip balm is one of the bedrocks of a good skin care routine. Fresh, clean and healthy skin and a soft pout are the first - and often the only - things you need to look your very best. 

It’s important to take care of your lips, as they’re home to some of the thinnest and most delicate skin on your body, making them more susceptible to dehydration and damage from your environment. We’ve all suffered from the discomfort of dry or chapped lips at some point, leaving us wishing we had some balm present to fix the sensation. All the better if it smells or tastes particularly beautiful.

Protect your pout

Lip balm has many more uses than being a quick problem-solver. Using lip balms and serums as part of your regular skin care routine can not only keep your lips hydrated and healthy-looking, but also future-proofs your smile by protecting and nourishing the new skin cells underneath. 

For the makeup-wearers of the world, a base layer of lip balm is also a must when applying lipstick, particularly matte lipstick, as it gives you a smooth and hydrated surface to work from. Apply a fine layer and leave to dry for a minute or so before going in with your lip colour.

Lip balm is your best friend - find one you can trust!

Lip balm is a beauty basic, but that doesn’t mean all balms are made equal. Some brands contain allergens, irritants and unnecessary chemicals that risk increasing dehydration rather than preventing it. Our collection includes highly-regarded brands like Carmex, Bee Good and Gatineau, who create trusted products with everything your lips need to look naturally hydrated. We stock a number of vegan and natural lip balms, and our products come in a range of flavours and colours to help bring your lips to life! 

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