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Eye Bags

Why do bags form under your eyes?

As you age, the tissues and muscles which support your eyelids begin to weaken. The skin around your eyes may start to sag and fat can move into the area below them. In addition, fluid may accumulate to create a puffy or swollen appearance. The other factors which can accelerate the formation of bags include lack of sleep, a diet high in salt, allergies and smoking. A tendency to develop eye bags may also be inherited.

Can you reduce the appearance of eye bags?

Happily, you can enhance your skincare routine to address the bags under your eyes. Our carefully chosen eye treatments work to improve fluid drainage, to reduce inflammation and to soothe your skin. Your circulation in the delicate eye area will be improved and your skin firmed to produce a visible reduction in the appearance of eye bags.

Our treatments are eye-openers!

Selected from the highly regarded Skin Doctors, Neon & Noble and PharmaClinix collections, our range features the finest treatments for your eyes. With the appearance of eye bags reduced, your complexion will be lifted to create a brighter and more youthful look. You can rediscover the real you and unveil that vibrant appearance that has been hiding beneath the bags and shadows which have developed over time.

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