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Dark Circles

As we age, dark circles become all the more noticeable because the skin around our eyes loses collagen, and becomes thinner and more translucent. Fortunately, there are eye creams for dark circles and other anti-aging eye treatments to refresh and revitalise your skin.

What causes dark circles?

There are a number of reasons why dark circles form under our eyes – one leading cause is not getting enough sleep. When this happens, the body responds by dilating or widening blood vessels to increase blood flow. Since the skin under our eyes is so thin, the dilating blood vessels and increased blood flow are visible as a darker or bluer tint which we call dark circles. Studies have confirmed that exposure to sun or a poor diet - such as one consisting of high alcohol and salt intake, or a deficiency in iron or nutrients - can also lead to dark circles.

How to avoid dark circles

You can avoid dark circles by setting aside enough time for a restful and restorative sleep, and making sure you eat a well-balanced diet. Remember to also stay hydrated to avoid drying out your skin and risking puffy eyes. And since sun exposure causes dark circles, we recommend you use a reliable sunscreen to protect your skin. But if you’re already battling dark circles and unsure how to reduce them, our under eye dark circle treatments can help.

What’s the best treatment for dark circles?

We know it can be difficult searching for the right eye cream for dark circles. And that’s why we’ve chosen the finest treatments from acclaimed skin care specialists like Dermalogica and Dr Hauschka to help you remove dark circles and lift your complexion. With our range of curated products, we’re certain you’ll find the best under eye dark circle treatment for you.

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