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Exfoliators & Scrubs

How do exfoliators and scrubs enhance your skin?

If you have never used an exfoliator before, you will be surprised by the improvements you can achieve. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells. This creates a more even surface for your make-up and ensures that cosmetics and treatments are better absorbed by your skin. You can banish those flaky patches which ruin your complexion and reduce the likelihood of breakouts. The act of exfoliating also stimulates your circulation to enhance skin health. It is a good idea to exfoliate your entire body before applying self-tan as you will ensure more even absorption. Perhaps exfoliation should find its way into your skincare routine!

How do exfoliators and scrubs work?

Exfoliators feature mildly abrasive ingredients which gently remove dead skin cells. You can choose a formula which features only natural ingredients such as apricot kernels or almonds and many of the creams are so wonderfully smooth that you won’t even feel as if you are exfoliating! What you will notice is your refreshed and vibrant skin!

Exfoliators and scrubs from the leading skincare collections

We are confident that our collection will feature the perfect exfoliators and scrubs for your needs, whatever your skin type. Chosen from the impressive Alpha-H, Decléor, Dermalogica, Elemis and SkinCeuticals ranges plus many more, the formulas feel simply fabulous. Your complexion will be revitalised for a brighter look and will be perfectly prepared for your make-up, tanning products and skincare treatments.

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