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Neck & Decollete Creams

Your face isn’t the only part of your body that is susceptible to the effects of aging. In fact, other areas may be more vulnerable to sun and environmental damage than the skin on your face, but get significantly less attention. 

Similarly to the eye area, our neck and decollete area is made of much thinner skin than elsewhere on the body and is actually more prone to the visible signs of aging than any other body part. It also doesn’t have the same regenerative properties, making damage harder to repair - albeit not impossible, with the right anti-aging products such as neck firming creams.

What is your décolleté?

If you are wondering what your décolleté or décolletage actually is, allow us to explain! Your décolleté is the area of your upper chest which is exposed by the neckline of your clothing. Like your hands, neck and face, this area of skin can be damaged by both exposure to the sun and environmental aggressors. 

The neck area has fewer sebaceous glands than your face, is often exposed to direct sunlight and is often also in motion as we turn our heads, roll our shoulders or use our arms. This combination of factors makes this area particularly vulnerable to wrinkling, to the extent that a few less-than-desirable and quite unfair nicknames have been coined for types of poorly cared-for decolletes. That’s why neck creams are such a popular investment.

Discover our range of anti-aging neck creams

Neck firming creams are formulated especially for this area’s unique needs, to safeguard it against the effects of aging. Dermatologists recommend products that contain polyhydroxy acids, neoglucosamine, hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin C and ceramides. 

Our range brings you masks and regenerating neck creams from the outstanding Dr. Hauschka and SkinCeuticals ranges which are formulated specifically to rejuvenate your neck and décolleté. You can reduce the appearance of age spots and enhance your skin’s structure to create a more youthful appearance which will give you greater confidence in your look.

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