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Beard Oil & Moustache Wax

Being able to grow a beard or a moustache is one thing, keeping them healthy is another. Whether you’re looking for a well-groomed beard, or hipster volume and length - good beard oils and moustache waxes provide excellent health, hygiene and moisturising properties for your facial topiaries. Moustache waxes can shape, and nourish your furry lip-warmer by creating long-lasting styles that keep in place all day. 

Majestic Moustaches & Bold Beards

Facial hair is far coarser than scalp hair which makes caring, cleaning and conditioning your beard even more vital. Beard oils will not only hydrate and condition your beard but also the skin underneath it too - two birds one stone much? Beard oil makes beards softer to touch and can prevent irritation and itchiness in the first stages of beard hair growth. Additionally, nourishing beard oils can increase growth, preventing split ends and strengthening hair follicles. 

For those of the handlebar or fu manchu persuasion, moustache wax provides varying degrees of hold to maintain your style all day. Moustache wax can also repair and nurture hairs, but also is very useful for training hairs away from the lips and mouth - so you won’t be choking on hairballs in months to come!

Facial Frivolity

Both beard oil and moustache wax are essential men’s grooming products. From styling aids to training tools, these products help keep hair in check and ensures that your fabulous facial features remain healthy and glowing. The choices are overwhelming, we know that, so we’ve hand-picked some of the best beard oils and moustache waxes on the market, brought to you by haircare specialists such as Apothecary 87, Gunslingers and TIGI.

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  • Layrite

    Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil 59ml


    A beard oil that hydrates the beard and the skin beneath The Layrite concentrated beard oil is a revolutionary, thicker, less greasy, and easy to use beard and skin conditioner expertly formulated to deliver superb moisture to hair and skin...

  • Gunslingers

    Gunslingers Beard Oil 50ml


    Nourishing vegan beard oil with signature classic fragrance Combining only the finest ingredients, the Gunslingers Beard Oil is designed to condition and nourish the beard and skin. This cruelty free and vegan formula is enriched with natural and...

  • Paul Mitchell

    Paul Mitchell MVRCK Beard Oil 30ml

    MSRP: £16.95

    Softening oil which adds shine Featuring a luxurious blend of shea butter and sunflower oil, Paul Mitchell MVRCK Beard Oil will beautifully soften your beard. Lending control and wonderful added shine to beards of all lengths, it also hydrates your hair...

  • Apothecary 87

    Apothecary 87 Unscented Beard Oil 100ml

    MSRP: £60.00

    Unscented, conditioning beard oil for more supple hair With Apothecary 87 Unscented Beard Oil, you are able to nourish your beard and keep it wonderfully soft whilst using your preferred fragrance. Those clever chaps at Apothecary 87 realised that you...