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Men's Hair Styling Products

Whether you’re on the hunt for moulding clays, texturisers or something to give your hair a healthier shine, there are plenty of men’s hair styling products in our range to suit your needs. At BeyondBeautiful, we bring together products from specialist brands including American Crew, Paul Mitchell, Uppercut Deluxe and Nioxin to help keep your hair looking its best.

Which hair products are best for men’s hair styling?

The best product to choose depends on the hair style you’re looking to create. That said, shopping with salon-standard brands is the easiest way to get a salon-standard look, whether you want to get smooth, shine and hold with a rich pomade, or give a tousled texture using wax sticks and clays.

If you’re not sure where to start, keep in mind that anything that says it offers shine will make your hair look glossy, while products that offer a matte finish are designed to absorb light and reduce shine. The holding power of men’s hair styling products is generally ranked between low, medium and maximum hold, with clay, putty and pomade typically offering high levels of hold, waxes, creams and mousses sitting around medium, and powders and serums generally suited to low-hold looks.

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  • Layrite

    Layrite Cement Clay (Various Sizes)

    £9.00 - £20.00

    Styling hair with a high hold for a day style The Layrite Cement Clay is a water-based styling clay that delivers a clean matte finish that lasts all day. Washes out easily with water. All day incredible high hold without weighing hair down...

  • Reuzel

    Reuzel Red Pomade - Water Soluble High Sheen

    £8.19 - £29.99

    Medium hold pomade for impressive shine Wow! Styling made easy! Suitable for all hair types, Reuzel Red Pomade delivers medium hold and high sheen to complete your look. The formula controls your style like wax and yet rinses out easily when you are done...

  • Reuzel

    Reuzel Green Pomade - Grease Medium Hold

    £8.19 - £34.99

    Wax-based styling pomade with medium hold and moderate shine Ensuring that your hair is easy to mould, Reuzel Green Pomade enables you style more creatively. Fixing any shape that you wish create with medium hold, the wax and grease-based pomade totally...

  • Reuzel

    Reuzel Pink Pomade - Grease Heavy Hold

    £8.69 - £37.09

    Mouldable styling pomade with very firm hold and medium shine Delivering heavy hold and medium shine, the Reuzel Pink Pomade features a wax and grease based formula. You can transform your look with ease by creating a variety of classic looks and you...

  • Reuzel

    Reuzel Fiber Pomade

    £9.29 - £39.09

    Styling pomade for shorter hair with firm hold and a low-shine finish Perfect for styling medium to thick hair, the fabulous Reuzel Fiber Pomade delivers long-lasting texture, strong yet pliable hold and a low-shine finish. Best suited to shorter and...

  • Reuzel

    Reuzel Clay Matte Pomade

    £7.69 - £39.09

    Styling pomade for flexible hold and a matte finish Ideal for shaping shorter hair, Reuzel Clay Matte Pomade will enable you to create any style that your imagination can conjure! Delivering flexible hold, enhanced texture, fabulous definition and a...