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Men's Hair Pomade & Wax

This is one for the guys. Looking to style your hair into a masterpiece that stays in place? Take a look at our collection of men’s styling products - such as our hair pomades and waxes for men. A hair pomade or a hair wax will keep you looking your best with a long-lasting hold from the beginning of the day till the end. 

Pro-mades and wonder waxes

Hair pomades became popular in the 1940s and 50s for the “greaser” look - think Danny Zuko from Grease! Hair pomade holds styles in place and adds a polished shine and sleekness that gives the appearance of a “wet-look”. Sometimes, hair pomades can be difficult to wash out as they are oil-based and aren’t suitable to be used every day. If you use hair pomades, it might be worth investing in a specialist shampoo to help remove it between uses. 

Hair wax, in contrast, gives the hair a matte finish for a more natural-looking hairstyle. Hair wax is very versatile and can add texture as well as a lightweight hair-styling solution for retaining hair bounce and health. As hair wax doesn’t contain alcohol that dries out hair, it is safe to use every day!

Never-ending style sensations

One of the many benefits of hair wax is its adaptability. You can focus on one section of the hair or style the entire head - plus,  wax can be applied to both dry and wet hair. Whether it’s a touch up during the day or complete a re-style - hair pomade and wax has you covered. Amongst the many hair care brands we stock, we have many hair pomade and wax for men options.  Let hair specialists such as American Crew, Reuzel and OSMO help you curate your next go-to look!  


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  • American Crew

    American Crew Liquid Wax 150ml


    Quality hair control with medium hold and shine. American Crew Liquid Wax controls hair like a gel, finishes like a wax with its medium hold and shine. Manage your mane and create effortless styles each day with this versatile liquid wax...

  • American Crew

    American Crew Fiber Cream 100ml


    Texturized hold for the styles you really want. American Crew Fiber Cream brings workable hold to your hair so you truly can have the styles that you always wanted to. The professional formulated cream contains fibres that lock into the hair, increasing...

  • American Crew

    American Crew Fiber 50g


    A unique, fiber like product to help thicken and style hair. This American Hair Crew Fibre paste is perfect for styling short hair to create a texturised matte finish. Provides a strong, pliable hold to last all day and has a low shine for a natural...

  • Uppercut Deluxe

    Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 100g

    MSRP: £17.00

    A styling pomade with firm hold and shine for medium length hair Providing strong hold without any stiffness, the Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is your route to successful styling. You will enjoy medium-high shine that won’t dry out and this water based...

  • Layrite

    Layrite Original Pomade (Various Sizes)

    £8.50 - £27.65

    A versatile water-based pomade that holds all day The Layrite Original Pomade is a water-based pomade that holds all day and washes out easily like gel. Ideal for fine to medium thick hair, the original pomade delivers the messy, wet look. Benefits:...

  • American Crew

    American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade 85g

    MSRP: £15.20

    A water-based pomade for pliable hair and a firm hold Delivering impressive hold but wonderfully flexible hair, this impressive pomade is the versatile choice for quick and easy styling. American Crew have created a genuine classic with this...

  • Paul Mitchell

    Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Cloud Whip 113g

    MSRP: £21.95

    A texturising hair styling paste which adds definition and a light-as-air feel The Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Cloud Whip forms a gorgeous, live-in look that leaves hair feeling light-as-air. The velvet flower-infused formula, conditions as it...