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Nailing it with colour

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of showing off your gorgeous nails, is there? Your nails provide the perfect finishing touch for your look as well as enabling you to express yourself with colour. There’s no doubt that great nails get you noticed and with our outstanding nail collection, those stunning finishes are much easier to achieve. It doesn’t matter whether you are well-practised at caring for and painting your nails or you are still honing your technique, you will discover everything you need to dazzle.

The perfect finish for your nails every time

Our strengthening and nourishing formulas enable you to prepare your nails before you add those wonderful colours and finishes. Basecoats prime your nails ready for action and top coats seal the look. You will also find the nail polish removers and accessories you need to complete amazing manicures at home. It’s never been easier to impress your freinds with incredible nails that you have created yourself.

Exciting beauty collections at the best prices

We know that you want to work with the finest available beauty products and so we have chosen our nail care range from the exceptional Jessica, Mavala, Nailtiques and W7 Collections. These are the names you can trust to care for your nails and to deliver the right look for every occasion. Naturally, we offer the best prices too, ensuring that you can achieve those fabulous nails within your budget.

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  • OPI

    OPI Love XOXO Mini Nail Polish Set


    A gorgeous nail polish gift set for a rich, long lasting manicure A fantastic gift for a loved one or treat for yourself, the OPI Love XOXO Mini Nail Polish Set delivers the perfect manicure. Presented in a stylish gift box, the four nail polishes...

  • Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover 200ml


    Effectively removes all traces of nail polish for manicure ready nails The Cutex Nourishing Polish Remover is formulated with apricot kernel oil, vitamin E and a patented oil blend to help deliver beautifully healthy nails. This is formula is designed...

  • ORLY

    Orly Bonder 18ml


    A unique rubberised base coat for creating long lasting manicures/pedicures Prepare your nails for the perfect manicure/pedicure with the Orly Bonder 18ml. This base coat features a unique rubberised formula which grips polish to the nail surface...

  • ORLY

    Orly Nail Armor 18ml


    A strengthening and smoothing base coat for weak and brittle nails If you struggle with constant breakages and weak/rigid nails, the Orly Nail Armor 18ml base coat is the one for you. This base coat acts as a liquid wrap for the nails which...

  • ORLY

    Orly Nailtrition (9ml & 18ml)

    £7.85 - £15.95

    A nail growth treatment for damaged nails Repair and strengthen your nails with Orly Nailtrition 18ml treatment. Enriched with natural minerals, this is the perfect treatment for restoring nails after acrylics and for stubborn nails that just...

  • ORLY

    Orly Sec'n Dry 18ml


    A quick dry topcoat for a hard protective finish Get the perfect finish to your manicure with the Orly Sec'n Dry 18ml. Ideal for when you are in a rush, this quick, deep-dry topcoat immediately dries each nail polish layer. The innovative formula...

  • ORLY

    Orly Polishield 3-in-1 Topcoat 18ml


    A quick drying, protective top coat with high shine finish Protect your manicure for even longer with the Orly Polishield 3-in-1 Topcoat 18ml. Containing UV filters to prevent the nail colour from fading, this fast drying top coat adds a stunning high...

  • ORLY

    Orly Tough Cookie 18ml


    A nail treatment for strengthening dry and brittle nails Grow stronger, healthier nails with the Orly Tough Cookie 18ml. Formulated with African Okoume Treeso, this nail treatment nourishes and strengthens dry, brittle and sensitive nails helping...

  • ORLY

    Orly Nail Defense 18ml


    A nail treatment to prevent nails from peeling and splitting  The Orly Nail Defense 18ml is a strengthening base coat that treats splitting and peeling nails. The protein rich formula strengthens and condition the nails for better growth...