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Makeup Brushes

  • W7

    W7 Jumbo Blusher Brush


    An extra large makeup brush, ideal for applying bronzers or dustings of loose powder A high quality, luxurious, soft haired brush which makes blending and applying cheek colour an effortless experience. Perfect for applying bronzing powder and blusher...

  • W7

    W7 Super Fine Eyeliner Brush


    A delicate brush for the finest of lines With a wooden handle design, this super W7 fine eyeliner brush gives a precise line because of its fine end tip. It can be used with liquid or gel eyeliners. Benefits Easy to use Wooden handle design Can...

  • W7

    W7 Sponge Applicator Brush


    A sponge based makeup brush to easily apply foundation and concealer around the contours of the face The W7 Sponge Applicator brush is a beauty blending sponge on a stick! All of your makeup blending needs without the messy...

  • Bellapierre Cosmetics

    Bellapierre Cosmetics Foundation Brush

    MSRP: £14.00

    A flat top brush for even application of liquid foundations or powder This incredibly soft Flat Top Foundation Brush is perfect for application of liquid foundations or powder; its flat head is ideal for all over face coverage, and distributes product...

  • W7

    W7 Smudge Brush


    Add precise definition around the eyes The W7 Smudge Brush can be used to really emphasise the eyes. Use this brush to pack product onto the lids such as glitter which would usually disappear and get lost in ordinary brush bristles. The smudge brush...

  • W7

    W7 Rainbow Professional Make Up Brush Set

    MSRP: £19.95

    A set of 5 fabulous make-up brushes for flawless application every time Ideal for travelling, the wonderful W7 Rainbow Professional Make Up Brush Set features everything you need for creating gorgeous looks on the go. This set contains 5 brushes...

  • W7

    W7 Starry Nights Brush Set

    MSRP: £15.00

    A makeup brush gift set for creating your perfect look A great Christmas present for the family and friends, the W7 Starry Nights Brush Set contains a wonderful collection of 5 duo-fibre brushes. Packed together in a stylish box, shape,...

  • W7

    W7 Pink Power Makeup Accessories Gift Set

    MSRP: £19.95

    Makeup accessories gift set for effortless makeup application A great Christmas present for the family and friends, the wonderful W7 Pink Power Makeup Accessories Set features 8 W7 tools for an effortless makeup application every time! Packed together...

  • W7

    W7 Cookie Puffs Face Blender Sponges


    Colourful sponges for blending your make-up Gorgeous and sweet as sugar candy, the W7 Cookie Puffs Face Blender Sponges will always put a smile on your face. Latex-free, they are suitable for all skin types and will beautifully blend your make-up to...

  • Sienna X

    Sienna X Contour Applicator Brush

    MSRP: £28.00

    Professional quality brush for contouring cheekbones Featuring wonderfully soft hairs which simply glide across your skin, the Sienna X Contour Applicator Brush delivers amazing results. Developed to complement Sienna X Self-tanning treatments, the brush...

  • Mii

    Mii Skin Loving BB Brush

    MSRP: £19.50

    Retractable brush for BB cream and Face Base The right brush for each stage of your beauty routine is a must-have if you are to achieve a flawless finish. If you working with versatile BB cream, this is the right brush! Offering five amazing benefits,...