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Framing your eyes

Eyebrows are amazing! Your brows help to frame your eyes and to define your expression. They feature the slowest growing hairs in the human body and boast an average lifespan of 4 months. The health and shape of your eyebrows is crucial to your look, making conditioning, shaping and colouring your brows important aspects of your beauty routine. But ones which are often overlooked. Healthy, carefully defined brows provide the perfect finishing touch and enable you to better showcase your natural beauty.

Shape, colour, define and fill

Beautiful brows will considerably enhance your appearance whereas brows of the wrong shape, size or colour will have the opposite effect. Brows should frame your face to showcase your eyes and not become the first thing that anyone notices about you. With our carefully selected serums, you can condition your brows before using our trimmers and shaping kits to create the perfect forms. Fill, tint and define with our brow mousses, gels, pencils and colour palettes to complete your look.

How to prevent raised eyebrows

There’s nothing more frustrating than cosmetics which don’t create the desired effect or which lack staying power. That’s why we have chosen everything in our eyebrows collection from the brands you trust including blinc, HD Brows, Jane Iredale, M2 Beauté and W7. With the right tools, accessories and make-up, you can create stunning yet subtle eyebrows which won’t raise other people’s!

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