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The eyes have it

They really do! The features which define both your beauty and your expression, your eyes are fundamental to your look. Research has shown that the eyes really do have it when people look for love so why not make the most of yours? Captivating eyes are much easier to achieve with the best tools, accessories and make-up. Our range will help you to create captivating eyes, luscious lashes and beautiful brows to enhance your allure for any occasion. Whether you are heading for the high street or a night on the town, you simply won’t believe your eyes.

Another pair of eyes

Brighten your expression with beautiful brows before framing your eyes with our pencil, pen and gel liners. Condition your brows and lashes, boost volume, promote growth and then colour to perfection with our brow palettes and mascaras. Our fabulous eyeshadows deliver dazzling finishing touches with matte and shimmering shades which suit your hair and skin tone. There’s no limit to what you can create from the smokiest eyes to glamorous after dark looks. The power of conditioning, colour and TLC combine to produce another pair of eyes altogether.

Easier on the eye

The windows to your soul, your eyes speak volumes and you can enhance your message with the finest make-up and accessories. The fabulous blinc, Dr. Hauschka, HD Brows, Jane Iredale, W7 and Mavala collections provide everything you need to pamper, frame and highlight your eyes. Don’t settle for second best! Nourish, refine and colour your brows, lashes and eyes to perfection before experiencing the thrill of getting noticed for all the right reasons.

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