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The Cover Story

For some women, primer and foundation are all they need to enjoy a flawless complexion. But maybe you aren’t quite so lucky and have blemishes or dark circles that detract from your look. Happily, a high-quality concealer will work with your foundation to create the even skin tone that you are looking for. Covering any areas of discolouration, the right concealer is an essential addition to your make-up bag.

Concealing a multitude of sins

You should choose your concealer based on your skin type and concerns. If your skin is dry, don't go for a liquid concealer with a matte finish because it will emphasise dry areas. If you have oily skin, avoid creamy or stick concealers as they may contribute to any oily sheen and could clog your pores or make them more visible. Select a concealer which matches the colour of your foundation for a seamless finish every time.

Concealers at face value

Camouflage your blemishes with the finest concealers from the Alpha-H, Dr. Hauschka, Jane Iredale, Mii and W7 collections here at Treat Your Skin! You will discover the shade and texture that perfectly completes your look and a concealer which suits your budget. You won’t believe your beautifully flawless complexion and your concealer will become a vital step in your make-up routine.

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