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Hair Mousse

Originating in France, the word “mousse” is another word for foam. Hair mousse was brought to the mainstream hair retail market by L’Oreal in the 1980s. Hair mousse is a styling foam that can be used to add volume to hair - providing hold and conditioning properties. Synthetic resins in hair mousse coat the hairs to help it maintain a certain shape - which can be used for taming curls and keeping frizz in check.

Choosing a hair mousse

Lighter in consistency than other hair products, hair mousse is versatile and can be used on long or short hair. Best applied to damp hair before it is dried and styled for a more even coverage, hair mousse can be combed out with ease for a softer look. Colour-laden hair mousses can be used to add colour and tone whilst creating a style at the same time.

Mousse mania! 

Forming a resistant film on hair strands, hair mousse can withstand even the heat of a hair dryer. Hair mousse is an effective product that can be effortlessly incorporated into your daily hair care routine. Whether you want defined curls or boosted roots - you’ll find the hair mousse for you in our collection of products from trusted brands such as L’Oreal Professionnel, Sexy Hair Concepts and many others. 

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