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Hair Spray

During the late 1940s the beauty industry made the innovation of using aerosol cans as hair spray dispensers. As a result, hair spray thrived through the 1960s - when updos and beehives were all the rage - and became the beauty essential we love and cherish today. Hair sprays can be the finishing touch, or part of a team of hair products that work together to maximise your hair’s potential.

(You’re) Timeless to Me

Hair spray can be sprayed onto hair to protect it from rain, wind or humidity. This enables your hair to preserve its vitality after a nourishing hair treatment, or a deep conditioning hair mask. Locking styles in place has never been more straightforward. Tamp down any loose, errant hairs around your neckline or nape of the neck for an immaculate bun - or tousle your hair, accessorise and spray!

(It’s) Hairspray!

Depending on your needs, hair spray can come in light-hold to strong-hold formulas - which comes in handy, especially if you’re going for that polished pony look. Flexible hair sprays are easy to brush out, which allows you to play with alternative hair styles.  At BeyondBeautiful we have teamed up with hair spray maestros like L’Oreal Professionnel, Moroccanoil and others to guide you on your way to your ultimate hair heaven!

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