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Hair Gel

Hair gel might seem a modern concept, but it has been around for thousands of years. Even the Ancient Egyptians liked to ensure that their hair styles stayed in place throughout the day with hair styling products. Now, with knowledge of cationic polymers and how they work, hair gel has evolved to maintain a greater hold on hair for multiple hair types and textures. 

Fixed in place, for longer

The variety of hair gels available on the market means that you can easily achieve the consistency and hold strength you are looking for. Some gels are designed to provide a wet look, or perhaps a long-lasting sculpted style. Used alongside hair styling tools, hair gel can add definition or deliver smoothness - staying fixed so you don’t have to worry about hair falling out of place!

Hold the hair!

At BeyondBeautiful we have a curated selection of hair gel by hair care specialists. We understand that hair is personal and expresses individuality - which is why we have an expansive range of hair gels so you can find one that fits your criteria. Let the expertise of Revlon Professional, Joico and many more help you find the perfect product for you - or even a gift set for someone special.

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