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The haircare revolution

Shampoo is such a strange word isn’t it? Have you ever wondered why the cleanser you use on your hair is called shampoo? Allow us to enlighten you! Shampoo is derived from the Indian term champo which means to smooth and knead. You probably use shampoo almost every day and don’t consider it to be a luxury, but life hasn’t always been that simple. The first commercially available shampoo wasn’t produced until 1914 and for many decades, women didn’t enjoy a great deal of choice. The concept of tailoring shampoo to hair types is a very recent innovation. Happily, these days, whatever your hair type, there is a shampoo specifically formulated to meet your needs.

Shampoo for colour, condition and control

It must have been incredibly frustrating back in the days when choice was limited. Lank hair became even more dull and frizzy locks less controllable. There were no shampoos to boost volume in fine hair, to protect colour or to restore moisture. Rescue missions were simply not available in bottles and the best you could hope for was cleanliness. Thankfully haircare has advanced exponentially in recent years. There are affordable solutions for every problem and today’s shampoos do so much more than simply wash your hair.

More than cleansing your locks

Whether you need to build body, hydrate your locks, repair heat damage, protect your colour or address split ends, you will discover the perfect shampoo in our range. With formulas for dry, lifeless, colour-treated and fine hair to choose from, our shampoos ensure that your tresses truly dazzle every day. Chosen from the planet’s leading collections including L'Oréal, Paul Mitchell, TIGI, Redken, Sebastian Professional and more, our shampoos target problems and deliver effective solutions. Created following extensive research, they ensure amazing results which simply wouldn’t have possible just a few years ago.

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  • Fudge Professional

    Fudge Luminizer Moisture Boost Shampoo


    For eliminating frizz and brightening the hair  Featuring Fudge's unique Opti-PLEX technology and lightweight Micellar Oil Complex, Luminizer Moisture Boost Shampoo is formulated to cleanse, moisturise and illuminate each...

  • Fudge Professional

    Fudge Cool Brunette Blue-Toning Shampoo


    For repairing and strengthening brunette hair Featuring Fudge's unique Opti-PLEX technology, Cool Brunette Blue-Toning Shampoo is designed to repair and strengthen damaged brunette hair by removing unwanted red and oranges tones...

  • Fudge Professional

    Fudge Damage Rewind Reconstructing Shampoo


    For repairing and strengthening damaged hair  Featuring Fudge's repairing Opti-PLEX technology, Damage Rewind Reconstructing Shampoo is designed to repair and strengthen damaged hair by deeply penetrating into the hair's core to...

  • Fudge Professional

    Fudge Xpander Gelee Shampoo


    For stronger and healthier hair Featuring Fudge's unique Opti-PLEX and Colour Lock technology, Xpander Gelee Shampoo is designed to instantly add volume and thickness to the hair whilst leaving the hair feeling soft and refreshed. Ideal for fine and...