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Hair Loss Treatments

All about hair loss and thinning hair

Hair loss and hair thinning can be incredibly distressing. Your hair feels fundamental to your identity and so any loss of density and volume can negatively impact your self-confidence. Hair loss is usually controlled by genetics while hair thinning is a feature of the ageing process but can also be influenced by both environmental factors and the hair products you use. If you have noticed a loss of volume or your hair fibres becoming thinner, there are products formulated to improve your hair’s volume, strength, resistance and overall health. The right shampoos, conditioners and treatments will visibly thicken your locks and can promote a healthier scalp environment to encourage stronger growth.

Targeted nourishment for thinning hair

Our carefully selected hair loss collection enables you to optimise your haircare routine to address your thinning hair. The finest thickening shampoos, conditioners, masks and treatments feature nourishing molecules and restorative nutrients including protective ceramide and anti-oxidant vitamin E. Helping to improve thickness, body and shine in thinning and lacklustre locks, your tailored hair care routine could make all the difference to your look. If possible, you should also reduce the frequency of brushing and styling to protect weakened strands.

Hair treatments tailored to your needs

Featuring treatments suitable for all hair types including colour-treated tresses, our range offers the tailored solutions you need to make the most of your style. Thickening your hair, boosting your follicles and promoting stronger growth, the finest products from Kerastase, L'Oréal, Nioxin, Redken and Nourkin deliver impressive improvements. It’s easy to incorporate them into your daily regime and they will be supplied in discreet packaging. Offering a raft of benefits, they enable you to strengthen your locks and to enjoy greater confidence in your look.

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