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Do you have the right hairdryer?

You have probably always owned a hairdryer and you will already be aware that all hairdryers are not born equal! There’s nothing worse than being in a rush to get ready and feeling that your hair is taking all day to dry. On the other hand, discovering that your turbo-charged new dryer transforms your tresses into a frightful frizz isn’t great either! It’s important to choose the right dryer for your hair type and that might not be the one with most oomph! So, if your hairdryer isn’t blowing you away or it is, but literally, what features should you be looking out for?

Which blow-drying technology should you choose?

Hand-held hairdryers have been with us since the 1920s and it is now hard to imagine life without them. Thankfully, new materials and technologies have ensured that these incredibly useful accessories are now much lighter and more efficient than ever before. They have certainly become more powerful and a high-wattage model will dry your hair in double quick time. However, ceramic and tourmaline dryers are gentler on hair making them great choices for fine, fragile and damaged locks or for tresses which are prone to frizz. Ionic technology delivers quicker drying times at lower temperatures and a cool shot button is also handy to have because that colder blast will fix your look for longer.

Hairdryers to blow you away (for the right reasons!)

You can achieve salon-perfect styling with the exceptional hairdryers from Alfa Italia, BaByliss, ghd, label.m and Paul Mitchell. Technologically advanced, these outstanding hairdryers deliver super-quick drying times and minimise heat damage. They look amazing too and are ergonomically designed for comfort as you work. Don’t settle for second best! Treat yourself to a superior hairdryer with the features and functionality you need to make the most of your look.