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Crimpers, Curlers & Wavers

The shape of things to come

Adding volume, texture, form and structure to your look, crimpers and curlers are must-have accessories. From transforming dull hair to creating unique and dramatic effects, these are the tools you need in your armoury to truly shape your style. There’s no end to what you can achieve in a matter of minutes with the right tools and without damaging your hair. The latest equipment utilises advanced technology to protect your locks as you work, enabling you imbue your tresses with a touch of magic, day after day.

Special effects and salon perfect looks

Boost volume and structure in fine hair by crimping in layers, working only lightly on the top layer. Using crimping as a foundation to enhance body in classic styles or for more dramatic looks, crimp all layers, working in sections from your root towards your tips. Choose wider crimpers for thicker or longer hair. Choose narrower models for fine hair and shorter styles. Ceramic crimpers utilise ionic technology to act more gently on your locks if your hair is fragile. Ceramic rollers are an excellent investment if you want to make waves while hot brushes will deliver the curls of your dreams with ease!

Heated tools for the hottest crimps and curls

Technology marches on, giving your ever more advanced and multi-functional tools to work with. We have chosen some of the very best including the latest models from BaByliss, Cloud Nine, ghd, Hair Tools, label.m and Paul Mitchell. Whatever your hair type, you can create any look that your imagination can conjure. Don’t forget to explore our haircare range to discover the styling sprays and gels that provide amazing heat protection as you crimp and curl.

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  • Paul Mitchell

    Paul Mitchell Neuro V8 Hot Roller Deck Refill Set

    MSRP: £26.00

    For perfectly defined, bouncy curls  Designed to be used in conjunction with the Paul Mitchell Neuro V8 Compact Roller Deck, achieve superior looking curls and waves that demand attention with the Neuro V8 Hot Roller Deck Refill Set. ...

  • Paul Mitchell

    Paul Mitchell Neuro Angle Rod Curling Iron

    MSRP: £109.00

    Advanced rod iron for waves and loose curls Featuring an extra-long barrel and adjustable technology, the award-winning Paul Mitchell Neuro Angle Rod Curling Iron quite simply makes styling easier. Adjustable technology enables you to position the iron...

  • label.m

    label.m 4D Infinity Curler

    MSRP: £83.95

    Creates gorgeous curls in all hair types and lengths Enabling you to create an almost infinite number of cool styles, the versatile label.m 4D Infinity Curler would be an excellent addition to your equipment. From tight ringlets to beachy waves, the...

  • label.m

    label.m 4D Infinity Waver

    MSRP: £83.95

    Heated styling tool for gorgeous waves in all hair types Putting an incredible array of gorgeous styles at your fingertips, the fabulous label.m 4D Infinity Waver is a must-have addition to your equipment. Whether you prefer undone looks or deep and...

  • BaByliss

    BaByliss PRO Ceramic Crimper

    MSRP: £49.97

    Professional quality crimper with 25 heat settings Crimpers have made a serious comeback! Adding texture and volume to your hair, the outstanding BaByliss PRO Ceramic Crimper is a must-have. You will enjoy long-lasting texture and can treat your look to...

  • label.m

    label.m The Advanced Pro Triple Barrel Waver 25mm

    MSRP: £72.95

    Create salon perfect waves and curls with ease The label.m The Advanced Pro Triple Barrel Waver is the perfect styling tool for those who love natural looking waves and curls. Using Tourmaline Ceramic technology, the wand shaft heats up quickly and...

  • label.m

    label.m Advanced Pro Curling Tong 19mm

    MSRP: £52.95

    A versatile heated hair tong for creating defined curls label.m is an award winning fashion forward hair care range designed by professionals to inspire creativity when styling. The 19mm tong uses Tourmaline Ceramic Technology to evenly heat your hair...

  • Paul Mitchell

    Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped 3-in-1 Styling Tool

    MSRP: £109.00

    This highly versatile pro styling wand gives you 3 options for adding curl and wave to your hair Change your style quickly and with ease with three interchangable sizes: 0.75" cone 1.25" cone 1" rod The ultimate in flexible hairstyling – the...