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Life before conditioners

It is hard to imagine life without conditioner. But for centuries, hair could only be treated with natural oils. Macassar oil was a popular choice in Victorian times but was very greasy and required your furniture to be protected with cloths hence, the term antimacassar. It was perfumer Édouard Pinaud who created the first conditioning formula in 1900. It was called Brilliantine and was a hair softener for men. When shampoo became commercially available, the need for conditioning products became more urgent as shampoos cleansed hair but could strip it of natural oils. New conditioning products began to appear and have been developed over decades to provide highly effective and tailored solutions.

Leaving Locks in Mint Condition

These days, whatever issues you are experiencing with your hair, there is a conditioner tailored to your needs. Whether your locks are dry, damaged, lifeless or lacking body, you can enhance your look with ease. Formulas for colour-treated hair protect its radiance and volumising conditioners lift and thicken finer tresses. Dehydrated hair can be moisturised to leave it silky-smooth and manageable. Extensive research has resulted in conditioners which you can use every day without your hair becoming greasy and depositing oils over your clothing and furniture. Many of today’s conditioners feature the natural oils which have been used for centuries but in formulas which ensure that any residue is simply rinsed away.

Find Your Perfect Formula

With the finest conditioners from the world’s most highly regarded collections, our range gives you impressive choices. You will discover the conditioner which works wonders on your locks and leaves them looking smooth, supple and vibrant. The finest conditioners from Paul Mitchell, Revlon Sebastian Professional, Fudge and Redken plus more will ensure that your hair is the best that it can be – every day!

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