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Hair Colour & Root Spray

Reveal your true colours

Your hair colour is fundamental to your look. You may not have been blessed with the shade which best suits your skin tone and eyes or you could feel that a more radical approach would better complement your personality. Either way, colouring your hair will always give you a valuable boost and enables you to conceal greys, express your creative side or accentuate your finest features. There are less obvious benefits too, as colouring your hair plumps the shaft to boost volume and can add valuable shine.

The edited highlights

Semi-permanent highlights bring a new dimension to your style, adding depth, interest and texture to lift your look. On the other hand, instant highlights featuring vibrant colours deliver incredible impact when you need it but then wash away. You can conceal unsightly roots with root disguiser between colouring sessions and our refined formulas are designed to nourish and revive your locks as they colour.

A new you with vibrant colour

Colouring becomes easy with our outstanding choices from Fudge, Kerastase, label.m and OSMO. From complete colour makeovers to temporary highlights, you can revamp your look with the power of colour and imbue your locks with eye-catching character. The bright and breezy Fudge Paintbox colours create a funky feel that will get you noticed. Alternatively, choose natural-looking shades to banish grey hair for a more youthful look. Your colour defines you, but you have the power to define your colour!

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