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Fragrance For Home

Home fragrances have an undeniable personal aspect - they’re a sensory first impression to any guests visiting your home. And thanks to scientific advances your favourite scents can keep your home smelling fresh for longer, or even transport you to another world. But fragrances for home are not simply limited to pleasant smells - they carry a host of other benefits too. 

Scent Saviours

Sometimes, unsavoury scents linger in the home, especially after cooking or if you have pets. Room fragrances can eliminate these odours, through reed diffusers, room sprays or scented candles. Yet, masking smells and added ambience are not the only things fragrances in the home are limited to. Natural essential oils such as lavender and jasmine can provide therapeutic and relaxing qualities. Additionally, citrus smells such as orange or ginger can be the perfect wake-up scent in the morning. Even whilst having a bath, spritz yourself and the air around you with room fragrance to enjoy scented clouds of steam that leave you smelling divine, underneath your own chosen perfume or cologne

Smell The Satisfaction

Reed diffusers and scented candles can be aesthetically pleasing - a stylish bottle or candle can act as a centrepiece for the room, moreover making it smell celestial. A narrower top on reed diffusers ensures the fragrance lasts longer, but simply turning the reeds upside down can instantly refresh a room. Shop favourites like Comfort Zone’s Tranquility Collection, with their home fragrance that helps control stress and maintains wellbeing. 

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