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  • Fanola

    Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

    £7.79 - £13.29

    Nourishing shampoo to neutralise yellows in bleached, blond and grey hair Enjoy gorgeous colour and banish unwanted yellow tones with the impressive Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. Beautifully cleansing...

  • Fanola

    Fanola No Yellow Mask 1000ml


    Nourishes and adds shine whilst neutralising unwanted yellow tones Wave goodbye to those annoying yellow tones with Fanola No Yellow Mask! Brassy looks are completely transformed in 5 minutes or less...

  • Fanola

    Fanola No Orange Shampoo

    £4.99 - £16.99

    Nourishing shampoo to neutralise copper tones in colour-treated hair It’s time to rid yourself of those annoying copper tones! As darker, colour-treated hair begins to fade, unwanted copper...

  • Fanola

    Fanola No Orange Mask

    £12.99 - £18.49

    Nourishing mask to neutralise copper tones in colour treated hair Boasting a rich and concentrated formula, the Fanola No Orange Mask helps you to banish unwanted copper tones when your colour begins...