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Pure indulgence for your body!

You probably devote a great deal of time to taking care of your face and hair but what about the rest of your body? Doesn’t all of you deserve to be nourished, pampered and perfectly presented? Our fabulous bath and shower collection will certainly help you on the pampering front, not forgetting our indulgent soaps. As for nourishment, our lotions and oils will beautifully moisturise, soothe and soften your skin. You will also discover advanced formulas to address specific issues that may be concerning you including painful feet, sagging skin, dry hands, stretch marks and cellulite.

In search of the body beautiful?

Day to day life ensures that there will always be issues with your body. After all, you can’t lock yourself away and refuse to use your hands and feet, can you? But you could treat them to a little TLC courtesy of our foot care and hand and nails collections! If sagging skin is impacting your confidence, then check out our firm and shape products too and don’t forget that you can also address cellulite and stretch marks with our carefully curated treatments.

Treatments you can trust

It’s good to spoil yourself and you can do that every day! Our body care collections feature only the finest available products from the world’s leading brands. These are the ranges you can trust to take good care of your skin and to deliver the results you are looking for. Your body deserves the best, it’s a simple as that! Explore the amazing choices in the Dr. Hauschka, Mavala, Patisserie de Bain and Spongelle ranges and you can look forward to discovering a whole new you!

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  • Australian Bodycare

    Australian Bodycare Hand Cream 100ml


    A natural and unique blend of ingredients to heal very dry hands. A unique combination of Shea Butter, Meadowfoam seed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Berry Fruit wax and natural Australian Tea Tree Oil to keep the hands moisturised for a long time after...

  • Australian Bodycare

    Australian Bodycare Femi Daily 100ml


    Natural intimate gel for daily use, to prevent irritation. Femi Daily is clinically proven to prevent intimate discomfort of external genitals and help to maintain the natural pH balance of the intimate area to prevent dryness, itching, irritation...

  • Men-U Shower Gel 100ml

    MSRP: £8.95

    An invigorating shower gel which cleanses skin, captures impurities and moisturises If showering is your main hygiene and personal care regime for the body (often twice a day), why would you not want this to be an efficacious and enjoyable...

  • Bee Good

    Bee Good Ultimate Skin Boost Collection


    A 4 piece skincare gift set which leaves skin smooth, healthy and glowing The ultimate treatment collection is for anyone concerned with fine lines, lack of tone or other signs of ageing. The four products in this collection will nourish, hydrate and...

  • Elemis

    Elemis De-Stress Massage Oil 100ml


    A harmonising massage oil which nourishes the skin while soothing the body and mind Soothe your skin and your senses through touch and aroma with this harmonising body oil. Experience the power of true aromatherapy with a hand-selected blend of...

  • Elemis

    Elemis Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend 100ml

    MSRP: £35.00

    A nourishing body oil to help maintain soft and supple skin The Elemis Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend 100ml features the finest grade oil for Aromatherapy. For many centuries Camellia Oil from Japan has been used for the care of nails, hair,...

  • Australian Bodycare

    Australian Bodycare Skin Wash 100ml

    MSRP: £8.99

    For deeply cleansing and soothing the skin Suitable for all skin types, the Australian Bodycare Skin Wash is a gentle antiseptic hand and body wash designed to deeply cleanse and hydrate the skin. Formulated with 2% Tea Tree Oil, the skin is...

  • Dr. Hauschka

    Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Bath Essence 100ml

    MSRP: £18.50

    Relaxing bath essence which helps to soften your skin Featuring rose water, rose essential oil and rose petal extracts, Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Bath Essence is both gentle and soothing. You will love the feeling of calm and relaxation that you will...