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Hand & Nails

A show of hands

What do your hands really say about you? Unlike many areas of your body, your hands are almost always on display. They can be dead giveaways when others are judging your age and there is little point spending all that time perfecting your hair and make-up only for your scruffy nails to ruin your look! It makes sense to look after your hands and you are about to discover everything you need to achieve sensational skin and knock-out nails!

You only have one pair of hands!

Sun exposure, detergents and hard work can leave your hands feeling dry, rough and sore. Entrance stage left our fabulous hand creams to rescue your skin. Easily absorbed and deeply moisturising, the finest hand creams ensure that your skin is silky-soft, even when your hands have taken a serious battering. Mature skin regains its elasticity for a more youthful look and you will love the gorgeous aromas. Chose from outstanding brands such as Alpha-H, Patisserie de Bain, Badger and Dr. Hauschka plus more, our creams enable you to beautifully showcase your hands.

A polished performance

Stunning nails provide a fabulous finishing flourish for you look! Maybe you need to stop biting your nails first or perhaps your nails need strengthening? No Problem! Flawless nails are easy to achieve with the impressive Jessica and Mavala collections. When you have stopped nibbling, your nails are stronger and you have concealed any imperfections, you will discover the cuticle care, base coats and stunning colours you need for a truly polished finish.

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