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Foot Care

Putting your best foot forward

Your feet probably have rather a hard life! Trapped inside socks, tights and footwear, they are rarely exposed to the elements and so are deprived of adequate ventilation. Footwear can rub your skin and your poor feet are forced to carry you around all day. The result can be dry, rough and cracked skin, fungal infections and bad odours! But take the time to pamper your plates a little and you can soften your skin, prevent sores and banish nasty niffs.

Be lighter on your feet!

Our moisturising foot creams will help to keep the skin on your feet beautifully soft and supple while our foot gels ease those annoying aches and pains. Nicely hydrated, your soles will be less prone to cuts, sores and other issues moving forward while your refreshed and revitalised feet will feel fabulous and just might look amazing too. Why not treat them to the nourishment and relief they need? It’s easy to massage away the miles!

A step in the right direction

Surely it’s time to give your feet a break with the finest foot care from Mavala, Dr Hauschka, Skin Republic and Kneipp! The moisturising creams, refreshing gels, soothing lotions, deodorisers and buffers will enable you to restore your hard-working feet to their very best. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could step out every day without having to give your feet a second thought?

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