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The sweet smell of success

It’s not the most glamorous aspect of any beauty routine, but where would we be without deodorant? These days, we enjoy the benefit of highly-effective deodorants which smell fabulous and take care of our skin. Our forebears weren’t so fortunate! The first deodorant wasn’t commercially available until 1888 and so until then, people were just a little bit stinky! The only option was to mask body odour with perfume, if you could afford to. Deodorants were game-changers, but the early formulations were awkward to apply and could irritate the skin. Those familiar roll-on applicators didn’t arrive until the 1940s when gentler deodorants also began to appear.

How do deodorants work?

Deodorants don’t merely mask nasty niffs with appealing fragrance, they are formulated to kill the bacteria which cause unpleasant odours to develop. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, restrict sweat production, often by constricting pores. Keeping you nicely odour-free and protecting your clothing from excessive sweat, deodorants and antiperspirants are essential aspects of your personal hygiene. Following more than a century of research and development, it is now possible to choose deodorants which work effectively but which nourish rather than irritate your skin.

How to come up smelling of roses

With our outstanding deodorising body washes and deodorants, you can always come up smelling of roses and many other heavenly aromas! Dr Hauschka deodorants work wonders with all-natural ingredients which nurture your skin. You can banish bacteria and enjoy gorgeous fragrances without enduring harsh chemicals which also damage the environment. Perhaps deodorants can be glamorous after all!

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