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What is cellulite?

You probably know what cellulite looks like, but do you know how it is formed? The exact cause of cellulite isn’t fully understood. However, its formation appears to result from an interaction between the connective tissue beneath the skin and the fat layer below it. When fat cells protrude into the dermis, the familiar orange-peel texture forms. Women are more prone to cellulite than men and this is most likely due to the differences between the structures of male and female connective tissue.

Why are you prone to cellulite?

There are several factors which are thought to increase your chances of developing cellulite. These include a decline in estrogen during the menopause, lower collagen production as you age, genetics, fatty diets, smoking and lack of exercise. It pays to improve your lifestyle if you wish to tackle your cellulite or prevent cellulite from forming, but we can help too! Our range features treatments formulated to address the appearance of cellulite and they are easy to incorporate into your daily beauty routine.

Treatments to tackle cellulite

Selected from the exceptional Kneipp, DECLÉOR and Dr. Hauschka collections, our cellulite treatments have been developed following extensive research. Readily absorbed by your skin, they get to the heart of the matter quickly and work to reduce those annoying dimples which could be impacting your confidence.

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