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Bath & Shower

Shower yourself with relaxing gifts!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of relaxing in the bath or taking a refreshing shower. It’s so important to give yourself those few precious minutes after a hard day’s work. A little “me” time can easily wash away the stresses of the day and we are delighted to bring you everything you need to enhance your experience. You will also discover amazing gifts for family and friends which will enable them to make the most of bath time too.

Relax, relieve stress or lift your spirits

Whether you need to relax, relieve stress or lift your spirits, our range features the perfect body washes. Calming aromas promote restful sleep while uplifting fragrances boost your mood to leave you feeling rejuvenated. Better still, conditioning formulas nourish your skin as you bath or shower to leave it feeling silky smooth. Don’t forget to treat yourself to our all-in-one shampoos, conditioners and body washes which are perfect for your travels or showering at the gym.

Body washes, buffers plus so much more

Decisions, decisions, decisions! How will you choose between the wonderful body washes from American Crew, Dr. Hauschka and Kneipp? We are sure you will love the amazing infused buffers from Spongelle and the exquisite tartlettes from Patisserie de Bain which look good enough to eat! There’s something truly special to enjoy every single day while pampering your skin and lifting your mood! Could life get any better?

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