Written in the Stars: Your Bad Beauty Habits According to Astrology

We all have a few bad beauty habits – it’s only natural. Sometimes you forget, or lack the energy, or life gets in the way. But here at BeyondBeautiful, we’ve been reading up on the connection between certain star signs and their most common bad beauty habits. We’ve seen it in the stars (does TikTok count?) and we know that certain signs on the zodiac are more prone to particular habits than others.

No one sets out to damage their skin, hair or nails – but some of us might wind up doing it a little more than others. Check your star sign below to see whether you can relate…

1. Aquarius: Not Drinking Enough Water

Born January 20th – February 18th

Famous Aquarians include Alicia Keys (pictured above), Shakira, Harry Styles and John Travolta

Positive Traits

Aquarians are known for being free-spirited, eccentric, progressive, humanitarian and independent.

Negative Traits

Nobody’s perfect, Aquarius, and we’ve heard that you can be temperamental, uncompromising, and sometimes a little aloof.

Your Bad Habit: Not Drinking Enough Water 

Aquarius, you are a water sign – but you’re always forgetting to drink enough of it! We know you’ve always got something going on, so you may forget to keep hydrated, but breakouts, dry skin and skin redness are often the fault of dehydration.

How To Stop

Carry a reusable water bottle around with you, so that you have a constant reminder to get at least two litres into your system each day. If you crave a little extra flavour, sugar-free squash will make it easier to stay hydrated without risking new sugar-induced skin complaints.

Need a Quick Fix?

We stock a wide range of moisturisers for every skin type, including plenty of moisturisers for men. If your skin has overcompensated for dehydration by producing excess oil (it happens!) you can also get things balanced out in no time with the help of an oil-balancing blemish treatment.

2. Pisces: Forgetting to Wash Your Pillow
Born February 19th – March 20th

Famous Pisceans include Rihanna (pictured above), Justin Bieber, Erykah Badu and Lupita Nyong’o

Positive Traits

Pisceans are known for being artistic and musical, as well as compassionate, intuitive, tolerant and selfless.

Negative Traits

We can’t have it all, can we? Your pitfalls include being fearful, overly trusting, and sometimes playing the victim.

Your Bad Habit: Forgetting To Wash Your Pillow

You’re a dreamer Pisces and sometimes you’re so caught up in your own little dream world, you forget the real one. Forgetting to wash your pillow once in a while as well as your pillowcases is a classic, and can lead to a build-up of excess dirt, oil and makeup on the pillow itself – yuck!

How To Stop

Making sure you go to bed with a clean face is half the battle, Pisces. This will stop your pillowcase from getting too dirty, too quickly – but even better, wash it once a week, and wash your pillow every three to six months too. Set a reminder on your phone! 

Need a Quick Fix?

If you’re suffering from pillow-related breakouts (the giveaway being that oil and blemishes are more frequently found on the side of your face you sleep on) don’t worry, because we’ve got the tools to help you tackle the results of your inconsistent pillow hygiene. Take a look at our specialist range of problem skin treatments and cleansers.

3. Aries: Not Using Sunscreen

Born March 21st – April 19th

Famous Aries include Sarah Jessica Parker (pictured above), Reese Witherspoon and Diana Ross

Positive Traits

If you’re Aries, it’s highly likely that your friends know you as courageous, determined and confident, as well as honest, passionate and optimistic.

Negative Traits

Passion and determination can have their downsides, because you’ve likely also got a habit of being impatient, moody, short-tempered, and impulsive. That last one might be why you change your beauty regime almost as often as your underwear.

Your Bad Habit: Not Using Sunscreen

You’re a fire sign, Aries – so you might believe you are immune to the rays of the sun. However, that is not the case. You’re only human, which means excessive sun exposure will take its toll and can cause age spots, make your skin more wrinkly as you get older, and can even cause skin cancer. Not to mention sunburn.

How To Stop

Even when you’re busy, it’s a good idea to keep a bottle of sunscreen by your front door so that you remember to apply some on the way out, Aries. Otherwise, start buying make-up with SPF built-in, so you don’t even have to remember to put it on separately. Experts recommend using foundation with SPF15+ in ordinary weather, and SPF30+ on sunny days.

Need a Quick Fix?

If you’ve already burned yourself by failing to use sunscreen, you’re going to need some top-notch aftersun to soothe the burn. And if we can tempt you to really play it safe and go for a sunless tan, you can keep sun damage at bay for good by opting for a lightmedium or dark fake tan.

4. Taurus: Keeping Old Makeup

Born April 20th – May 20th

Famous Tauruses include Gigi Hadid (pictured above), Kelly Clarkson, Channing Tatum and Gal Gadot.

Positive Traits

The stars say you’re reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, and stable. Just like Channing Tatum, right?

Negative Traits

Taurus, you can be stubborn and possessive – which makes your bad beauty habit no surprise at all…

Your Bad Habit: Keeping Old Makeup

Gross! Why would you do that Taurus? Probably because you can be stubborn and uncompromising. Your ex said that shade of eyeshadow suited you, I know, but you’ve got to let it go!

How To Stop

Throw makeup away after it has gone past its expiration date. It isn’t worth it! It is advisable to replace mascara every two to three months, foundation every six months to a year and lipstick annually. However, if your make-up irritates your skin or starts to smell different before that time – bin it. Please.

Need to Replace Out-of-Date Products?

If you rifle through your makeup bag, drawers and cupboards and find that just about everything is out of date, take a look at our extensive range of mascaraslipsticks and other makeup products to find some fresh new goodies that won’t irritate your skin or block up your pores.

5. Gemini: Biting Your Nails

Born May 21st – June 20th 

Famous Geminis include Amy Schumer (pictured above), Kanye West, Laverne Cox and Angelina Jolie

Positive Traits

Geminis are gentle, affectionate, curious, and particularly adaptable.

Negative Traits

We’re loathed to pick on your downsides, but if we must: Geminis can be nervous, inconsistent, and indecisive.

Your Bad Habit: Nail-Biting

When the going gets tough, the gentle Geminis get biting. You can be prone to nail-biting due to Gemini’s indecisive and nervous nature. But ragged nails, peeling cuticles and chipped manicures are not a good look.

How To Stop

Finding the source of the negative energy will help you, Gemini. Look at ways of dealing with everyday anxieties, such as trying yoga or meditation, but for a fast fix it’s wise to try bitter-tasting nail polish, keep your nails short or treat yourself to a glam manicure so you won’t want to spoil it.

6. Cancer: Playing With (and Oiling Up) Your Hair

Born June 21st – July 22nd

Famous Cancerians include Ariana Grande (pictured above), Selena Gomez, and Lana Del Rey.

Positive Traits

Cancerians share a range of great qualities, including being tenacious, imaginative, loyal and sympathetic.

Negative Traits

You also share some less desirable traits, Cancer. Do the words moody, manipulative and insecure ring true?

Your Bad Habit: Playing With Your Hair

When you’re not on form, it can be natural for you to fidget and search for split-ends in your hair. However, excessive touching of the hair can leave it oily and damaged. In worst-case scenarios, it can also lead to hair loss over time. Yikes!

How To Stop

A great hairstyle can be enough to put even the most Cancerian individual off of fiddling with their locks, but you might get better results from finding relaxation techniques to settle your anxieties. Try sitting on your hands if you feel yourself about to toy with your tresses, or simply tie your hair up so you can’t pick at split ends!

Need some damage control?

If it’s split ends and frizz that are your biggest bugbears, find a deep conditioning hair mask to tackle the damage – and be sure to see your hairdresser for regular trims. If it’s fingertip-induced oilines that’s more the issue, a clarifying shampoo is the one for you.

7. Leo: Heat-Damaged Hair

Born July 23rd – August 22nd 

Famous Leos include J.Lo (pictured above), Kylie Jenner, Meghan Markle and Chris Hemsworth.

Positive Traits

Creative, passionate, and generous are a few words that spring to mind, along with warm-hearted and humorous.

Negative Traits

Sometimes, Leos can come across as arrogant, self-centred and inflexible.

Your Bad Habit: Heat-Damaging Your Hair

Leo, we know your mane is very important to you. It’s your best feature (according to you) but blow-drying, straightening and curling your hair within an inch of its life isn’t healthy! Think of those lacklustre curls and fried split ends… it’s not worth it!

How To Save Your Locks

Give your hair a day off at least once a week, Leo. Put it in a pony or a braid and give it a break from styling, to allow natural oils to settle in your hair and take a break from heat. It’s also advisable to use a deep-conditioning treatment once a week, to replenish your hair with vital nutrients, and to invest in heat protection sprays that will minimise the damage done each time you style.

8. Virgo: Spot-Squeezing

Born August 23rd – September 22nd 

Famous Virgos include Pink (pictured above), Beyonce, Prince Harry and Idris Elba.

Positive Traits

Virgos are typically loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, and practical.

Negative Traits

Worry and self-criticism can be your biggest problems, along with the common accusation that you are ‘all work and no play’.

Your Bad Habit: Spot-Squeezing

Virgo, you are a perfectionist by nature and might spend ages on your beauty routine. However, as soon as a zit appears that disrupts your flawless visage, you will go to town on it for a big squeeze. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself looking in mirrors all day long self-critiquing. Give it a rest Virgo – squeezing spots might leave scarring and they will take longer to disappear – the opposite of what you want.

How To Stop

Wash your face, Virgo! Tailor your skin products to your skin type, if you have oily skin then avoid using oil-based or cream products as they could block your pores even more. Resist the urge to touch your face, too, or you’ll spread bacteria and add more spots to the mix.

Need to Fight Spots the Right Way?

Blemish treatments come in many shapes and sizes, from simple tea tree and witch hazel drops to specialist creations with retinoids and salycylic acid. If you struggle with acne, look for acne-specific treatments that will tackle your spots without harming the rest of your skin.

9. Libra: Picking Off Gel Manicures

Born September 23rd – October 22nd 

Famous Libras include Kim Kardashian (pictured above), Zac Efron, Cardi B and Serena Williams.

Positive Traits

Libras are an air sign, represented by the scales: signifying balance and harmony. You’re considered cooperative and diplomatic, as well as fair-minded and social.

Negative Traits

It’s not all good news – you can be indecisive, prone to self-pity, and liable to carry a grudge for longer than the rest of the Zodiac.

Your Bad Habit: Picking Off Gel Manicures

We know it’s tempting Libra, and you haven’t decided if you even liked the manicure in the first place – but stop peeling! It seems like the easiest thing to do so you can choose a new one and be dazzled with the array of choice again. Unfortunately, peeling off gel manicures peels off the first layer of your nail with it, which is, we think you’d agree, pretty nasty.

How To Stop

Know yourself Libra. If you know you will be picking at this manicure in the near future then ask your nail technician to remove the gel as soon as it starts to get chipped instead of hurting your nails by picking at it yourself. Stop yourself before you peel yourself!.

10. Scorpio: Working Out in Makeup

Born October 23rd – November 21st 

Famous Scorpios include Emma Stone (pictured above), Kendall Jenner, Lorde and Leonardo DiCaprio

Positive Traits

Resourceful, powerful, brave and passionate, Libras are a force to be reckoned with.

Negative Traits

Your power can get the better of you, leading to accusations that you’re distrusting, jealous and manipulative at times.

Your Bad Habit: Working Out In Makeup

You’re intense and powerful and you’ll push yourself to the max, Scorpio. So, imagine sweat, bacteria and makeup mixed up on your face with nowhere to go. Working out with a full face of makeup causes blocked pores and breakouts. Don’t be fooled by made-up faces sporting gym gear on Instagram: any self-respecting celeb with a good skincare regime is sure to be whipping off those decorative layers before the action begins.

How To Stop

Simple one, this. Clean away your make-up thoroughly before working out, so that your pores can do their thing.

Clean Up Before You Work Out

You might not be able to go through your usual cleansing and toning regime while you’re at the gym, and you don’t really need to. Go prepared with a muslin cloth and foaming cleanser, so that you can remove foundation, concealer and other makeup quickly and easily before your workout begins.

11. Sagittarius: Sleeping in Makeup

Born November 22nd – December 21st 

Famous Sagittariuses include Taylor Swift (pictured above), Billie Eilish and Samuel L Jackson

Positive Traits

Generous and idealistic, Sagittariuses are also known for having a good sense of humour.

Negative Traits

Impatient Sagittarius, you sometimes struggle to engage the filter between what you think and what you say in the rush to speak your mind.

Your Bad Habit: Sleeping in Makeup

We know you’re a little impatient, and chores are boring and unattractive to you. It’s not the end of the world Sagittarius, but try not to sleep in your make-up. It can clog up pores, causing breakouts and even acne.

How To Stop

You have an unfortunate tendency to be lazy as a result of your impatience, skipping out things like washing your face before going to bed. That’s alright, but if you can’t be bothered to wash your face then at least keep some make-up wipes or reusable cleansing cloths by your bed so you can still clean your skin and fall straight asleep.

Don’t Skip Makeup Removal

Just like a Scorpio at the gym, a Sagittarius heading to bed needs effortless makeup removal. Keep a stash of muslin cloths to hand, which can be used as reusable face wipes when paired with a foaming cleanser. Add cleanser, scrub the day away and then drop into the laundry basket where you can forget about your DIY cleansing cloth until it’s been through the wash.

12. Capricorn: Over-Exfoliating

Born December 22nd – January 19th 

Famous Capricorns include Michelle Obama (pictured above), Kate Middleton and Bradley Cooper

Positive Traits

You’re responsible, disciplined, and a great leader.

Negative Traits

You can be a bit of a know-it-all, not to mention unforgiving and occasionally condescending.

Your Bad Habit: Over-Exfoliating

Capricorn – you’ve been watching all the best YouTube tutorials and you know all about how to achieve the perfect skin. However, you scrub too much! Avoid over-exfoliating as it can make your skin red, raw and create little whiteheads that remain deep under the skin’s surface.

How To Stop

Some advice, Capricorn – despite how refreshed you feel after an exfoliation (or several), try only exfoliating once or twice a week. Then, it’s a pampering treat and you won’t use up your scrubbing products so quickly OR damage your skin.

Gentle Scrubs to Try

Make sure you’re only ever using a facial exfoliator on your face, for a start. It almost goes without saying, but exfoliators designed for the rest of your body can be too aggressive for delicate facial skin! Look for exfoliators labelled as ‘gentle’ if you’ve been overdoing it, like this salon-grade option from Thalgo.

Breaking Bad Beauty Habits

Just because they’re written in the stars, doesn’t mean you can’t break these bad beauty habits. Watch out for those on-brand mistakes you might be making, whether it’s doing too much of something in your beauty regime or not enough. If you’re in need of some additional guidance, check out our blog for more beauty tips and tricks, or try our Dermalogica Face Mapping tool to get insights into the products that are best for your specific skin type.

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