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Tips For Recreating The Perfect Blow Dry At Home

Posted by Rachael Phillips on 21st Apr 2014

The best thing about getting your hair done in the hairdresser is undoubtedly the blow dry. Seeing how your hair can go from lame and flat to bouncy and full of life is a miracle that only the best hairdressers seem to be able to perform. But as most women know, the moment they try to recreate that “just out of the salon” look at home they’re usually disappointed (disappointed and with flat hair).

But we’ve complied some top tips on how you can achieve the perfect blow dry at home…

So here are the tools that you’re going to need:

  • A round brush (we love this one)
  • decent hair dryer, steer clear of those small travel ones and preferably you’re going to need one with a nozzle so you can get that heat right in there.
  • Some products: We recommend a good argan oil, volumizing spray and some mousse.

Here’s what to do…

Once you’ve stepped out of the shower the first thing you need to do is get all that moisture out of your hair. We recommend you give it a good rub down with a clean, dry towel.

Next you need to product up...from roots to end run some of the mousse through your hair before spritzing some volumizing spray and then applying some aragan oil to the ends to protect your locks against the heat.

Now before you set about creating your chosen style you need to quickly rough dry your hair. So you maintain the volume always blow dry upwards. It’s really important not to overwork your hair at this point because you’ll find that it’ll lose the volume and will rarely stay in the style you originally wanted.

If you're serious about perfecting your blow-dry techniques then you’re going to have to learn how achieve tension. Getting tension in the hair means that you’ll get a lovely, smooth dry.

So when you’re hair is around 70% dry then you’re going to need to divide it in to mid-sized sections. Starting at the roots, pull the first section around the brush and whilst drying pull the hair in an upwards motion so you get plenty of curl and volume. Keep moving through the rest of the sections until fully dry. Don’t forget always dry upwards!

To make sure that you keep the volume all day the final step should be repeating the steps above but only on the crown and rather than hot hair, give it a blast with cool air.

And there we have it, salon styled hair with ease…

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