Three Steps to Achieve a Flawless Base

Your make-up base is key to your overall finished look. When applied incorrectly your foundation can look caked on, can sit in fine lines and wrinkles and can also turn a slightly orange tone as the day goes on. A great base is the secret to looking fresh faced and youthful, but needn’t be a challenge to achieve. Read on to discover how to achieve a flawless base in three simple steps…

1. Prep

Each step here is equally as important as the other. Miss one out and the end result won’t be the same. The first step towards creating bright and glowing skin is to prep the skin. Start by cleansing to remove dirt, bacteria and oil, and any left over traces of makeup.

We love water-based cleansers as they are able to get deep into the pores, try Elemis Smart Cleanse Micellar Water for fantastic results. Double cleanse for super clean skin, followed by a balancing day cream. By keeping skin hydrated but controlling oily areas you can ensure your foundation doesn’t become patchy.

2. Prime

Allow your moisturiser to sink into the skin for five minutes before you apply a primer. Select a primer that works for your unique needs. Each and every one of us has different requirements when it comes to skincare. Primers can reduce the pores, control oil, brighten the skin and provide staying power for your concealer and foundation.

For a great all-rounder we love the Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener from Jane Iredale . Working to smooth and soothe, add radiance and firm, this primer is ideal at providing you with a base that will help keep your makeup looking fresh all day.

3. Balance and Brighten

The final step to creating your base is to apply your concealer, foundation and highlighter. Start with a concealer, we love the Disappear Concealer by Jane Iredale. Pat under the eyes, around the nose and on any blemishes and blend. Next apply your foundation, go light on this and only apply to the areas where you feel you need coverage most, such as the nose and the chin. Buff your foundation in with a flat ended brush for a natural finish.

Set with powder, followed by applying a highlighter to create a healthy glow. Pat your highlighter along your cheekbones, down the middle of your nose, at the top of your chin and across your cupids bow.

These simple steps will ensure your complexion looks bright and that your makeup looks fresh for the day ahead, and it only takes around 10 minutes to achieve.

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