The Ultimate Guide to Perfectly Layer Your Skincare Products for Glowing Skin

In this blog, we’ve joined forces with Andrew Petrou, a renowned skincare expert and the designated skincare specialist at Skin Doctor’s. Andrew has over 15 years of experience in the beauty, health and fitness industry having worked all over the world with brands such as Skin Doctors, Clinique and Clarins. Andrew advises “skin is your body’s largest and fastest growing organ, it requires careful attention so it’s important we look after ourselves both inside and out”.

Here’s Andrew’s top tips on layering…

Layering allows you to customise your skincare routine according to what you think your skin needs or feels on any particular day.  For example, if your skin feels parched, you can slip on a hydrating serum between skin steps.

There are a few basic guidelines that can help you make the most of a layering process.

  1. Always start with the thinnest, most watery product (for many this may be a toner, for others this may be or could be followed by a slightly thicker gel-liquid).
  2. Follow with a serum, this may be gel based, or may have a slightly thicker, milkier or oilier texture.
  3. Oils or serum oils always absorb better while skin is still slightly damp (from toner, for example) but see no 5 below.
  4. Lotions or gel creams are next, or heavier moisturising products.
  5. Oils, contrary to popular opinion, can be very effective going on last, as these can waterproof the skin, and help keep actives ‘locked into’ the skin.

Bonus tip:  You can layer several serums but ensure gel textures go first as any stickiness or tacky residue can be offset by a creamier lotion or cream.

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