The Best Eyebrow Shape For Your Face


Getting the best out of your brow game is without a doubt just as important as managing the hair, am I right? But we all know the struggle can be real when finding the perfect brow shape that suits you. Unless, of course, you are a celebrity, because some how when it comes to them their brows are seamlessly perfect like all the time? Well, forget that, because we are here to give you the ultimate guide to the best eyebrow shapes for different face shapes so your brow game stays nothing but on point…

The Different Face Shapes

Best eyebrow shape for long face: Number one rule if you have a long face is don’t arch the eyebrows, instead you would want them to look rounder and keep them flat with either a slight downward curve or no curve – this will make the face shape look rounder.

Best eyebrow shape for square face: So a square face typically results in quite a defined jawline and brings out the angularity in your face so go with soft rounded brows with medium thickness as this will balance well with the other features of the face.

Best eyebrow shape for oval face: Okay so anyone with oval faces, congratulations you guys are very much the fortunate ones. This is because you have pretty much have freedom with your desired brow shape however experiment and see what works best with the dimensions of your face – we recommend a soft, angled look.

Best eyebrow shape for round face: Key to a round face? You want to make your face look longer so get arching! You want the brows to be very angular as this will create more definition in the face so a high arch works really well with a round face.

Best eyebrow shape for heart shaped face: The important thing to note with this shape is that the upper half of the face is emphasised, particularly the forehead, so it is vital that your eyebrows are very well maintained if you have a heart-shaped face which I get can be annoying but it will be worth it with the results. Go for a soft and slightly rounded look which helps to balance a longer chin.

Best eyebrow shape for diamond face: A curved eyebrow shape will be your best friend if you have a diamond shaped face. Craft with an angled arch and this look will help to make the face appear narrower and make the widest part of the face look less wide. 

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