Revamp Your Makeup Bag: Top 5 New Product Ideas

It’s time to revamp your make-up bag…

An eyeliner here, a lipstick there – filling up our make-up bags until they’re positively overflowing is so simple that, for some, it’s a full-blown addiction. But one thing we’re not so good at is throwing away the older, lesser-loved products. And, if you’re the proud owner of a fab storage system for your beauty essentials (dedicated dressing tables, we’re looking at you) it can be easy to squirrel these items away until you’ve all but forgotten about them. You might be thinking, ‘what’s the problem with that?’ – well, have you ever thought about how old some of your products are?

In the same way that old food can be forgotten about at the back of the fridge, with use-by dates going back weeks (or even months – ew!), it’s all too easy to forget about the old beauty items festering at the bottom of your stash. And, you might not realise it, but using out-of-date make-up can have some pretty grim side effects. Every beauty product has a symbol on it, which represents how long it is safe to use after opening – for example, three, six or 12 months. Ignore the symbol, and you could unwittingly be applying bacteria to your face and body – resulting in irritated skin or even an infection.

If you’re anything like us, your make-up collection didn’t get much use over lockdown, and there’s a good chance that some of those items are definitely past their best now. So, as the world is slowly opening up again and we’re back to getting our glam on, there’s no better time to treat yourself to some new products.

1) Ace your base

Looking for buildable coverage? We recommend Jane Iredale Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation. This three-in-one product acts as a primer, foundation and concealer – great for touch-ups on-the-go or for those looking to speed up their make-up routine. It lasts all day and comes in 18 beautiful shades, which actually adjust to match your skin tone perfectly!

2) Luscious lashes

Mavala Creamy Mascara not only makes eyes look incredible, but actually makes your lashes stay rooted for longer, thanks to hydro-regulating silk proteins. It comes in four brilliant colours and has a curved brush for a super controlled application.

3) Lined and ready

Want to nail a perfect cat-eye flick? Step in blinc UltraThin Liquid Eyeliner Pen. This liquid eyeliner comes in a pen format with a super-fine nib, ideal for creating a precise look. Wave goodbye to smudges, say hello to perfection.

4) Pout for the count

Want to get the ultimate pout? Look no further. Jane Iredale Triple Luxe Lipstick has been created with the brand’s Triple Formula, which contains a blend of hydrating oils and waxes, meaning your lips will not only look good, but feel good, too.

5) Glow get ’em!

Dreaming of a holiday where you can top up your tan and get a sunkissed glow? Plans on hold thanks to the pandemic? Fake it til you make it! The St.Tropez 3-in-1 Powder Bronzer enables you to highlight, contour and bronze, resulting in a gorgeous, golden finish.

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