Protein Formula: The Nailtiques Alternative You’ve Been Waiting On For Healthy, Strong Nails

If your nails are damaged and dry, splitting and peeling or you just want to maintain their condition – Protein Formula for Nails have you covered!

The much-loved Nailtiques range was unfortunately discontinued. Manufactured in Florida USA, the plant used in the Nailtiques formulas was destroyed in a hurricane in the spring of 2019. This caused extreme supply issues, one that was not recovered from.

Fortunately, the Nailtiques alternative has officially arrived at BeyondBeautiful and in this blog we’ll give you the complete rundown on the Protein Formula product line-up:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have predominantly weak peeling nails, however a couple of the nails are hard and thick can I use two different formulas on them?
A: Yes, you can select the correct formulas to treat both nail conditions.

Q: I really want to continue to wear coloured nail polish. Will the formula still work?
A: Yes, the Protein Formula will still work (if used as a basecoat) but the results will be slower than if used as a treatment alone.

Q: I have allergies to various products. Will Protein Formula be suitable for me?
A: Anyone suffering from allergies should always check the ingredients that are listed on the Protein Formula for Nails packaging. If in doubt check with your doctor before use.

Q: I have been really happy with Protein Formula 2 but now my nails have gone quite hard and started to get little splits in them?
A: It is important that once your nails have reached optimum health that you move onto the Formula 1 as this is the correct formulation for healthy nails and will prevent nails from turning brittle or too soft.

Q: I have just picked my acrylic extensions off and my nails are in really poor condition which formula should I use?
A: Protein Formula 4 as this will help to restructure and strengthen damaged nails whilst also ensuring nail are hydrated and nourished.

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