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Top Cruelty Free Hair & Beauty Brands

With an increasing amount of people becoming aware of their ethical choices when shopping, maybe yourself included, you may be surprised on the amount of brands supporting the cruelty-free movement. But what does it actually mean if a brand is labelled cruelty free? Simply put, the ingredients within the products will not of been tested on animals. So to help with finding the brands that are right for you, here are our top choices of cruelty-free hair and beauty brands which all have certifications.  Dr. Hauschka  Dr. Hauschka specialise in a range... Read More

Top 5 Shampoo Treatments for Dry Hair

It may seem that you are forever searching for the best shampoo treatment for your dry hair. With an endless amount of different formulas out there, which one will give you the silky smooth and nourished results you are looking for on a day to day basis?  Fight off those split ends, rough textures and re-hydrate with our top 5 shampoo solutions to conquer your dry hair once and for all! 1. Kérastase Nutritive Bain Magistral Shampoo 250ml 2. Redken All Soft Shampoo 1 Litre (RCT Protein Complex) 3. American Crew Daily Moisturising... Read More

Three Steps to Achieve a Flawless Base

Your make-up base is key to your overall finished look. When applied incorrectly your foundation can look caked on, can sit in fine lines and wrinkles and can also turn a slightly orange tone as the day goes on. A great base is the secret to looking fresh faced and youthful, but needn’t be a challenge to achieve. Read on to discover how to achieve a flawless base in three simple steps… 1. Prep Each step here is equally as important as the other. Miss one out and the end... Read More

8 Easy Self-Tanning Hacks

Check out these tantastic(!) tips for a gorgeous summer bronze all year round. Follow these hacks and you’ll be read to glow in no time… Self Tan Those Hard-To-Reach Areas Unfortunately we’re not all flexible enough to tan our own back, and don’t have a friend on standby for back tanning duties 24/7. So try this easy, fuss-free way to tan those hard-to-reach places. Grab your trusty tan mitt and place it over a long-handled body brush, securing it in place with a hair band. Apply your favourite Vita Liberata... Read More


10 Lifestyle Changes That Could Dramatically Improve Your Skin

The pursuit of the perfect skin doesn’t have to be impossible or never-ending. Did you know your lifestyle can have a huge impact on the appearance and health of your skin? It may seem obvious but many of us are skipping basic steps that could not only prevent various skin problems but also help to delay the natural process of ageing. We’ve listed our top ten lifestyle changes that you can make every day to send you on your way to having healthy, glowing skin. 1. Hydrate Staying well hydrated... Read More

​Beauty In The Kitchen: Honey

We’ve talked about how true beauty starts in the kitchen plenty of times on this blog. It’s not only eating well that can do your skin the world of good. You can also use products that you’d use to sweeten your food for example (aka honey) for your skin. Think about Cleopatra…supposedly she swore by her honey and milk baths and if it worked for Cleopatra then you can bet it’ll work for you. The best thing about honey is that it is packed full of anti-oxidants and has natural... Read More

Do you drink enough water? Infographic

Water, water – it’s everywhere. I’m sure that you’re bored of hearing how drinking water can make a huge difference to the way you look and we hate to be the ones to tell you this – it’s all true. We want to share with you this shocking info graphic which highlights just how water can make a difference to your skin and your body. When you’re dehydrated you’ll find that your skin becomes dry, you’re prone to acne, you get bags under your eyes and that’s just your face.... Read More

9 Tips For The Perfect Eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrows is a vital part of any woman’s beauty regime. Having perfectly shaped brows can completely change your face shape and balance your features. Here are 9 tips to create the perfect eyebrows… Always use a good pair of tweezers. You need to make sure that you get a quality pair of tweezers if you’re going to have the perfect brows. Make sure that they’re sharp and slanted so that you can grab those stray hairs without pinching the skin. Tweeze after you’ve had a bath (or shower). The steam... Read More

How To Wash Your Hair Properly…

You may wash your hair almost everyday but are you doing it right? Washing your hair the right way can make all the difference when it comes to optimum hair health – not to mention the bounce and shine you achieve. Even the savviest of us are making mistakes when it comes to washing our hair and damaging our locks without even knowing.  But never fear, Treat Your Skin is here with a handy guide that’ll have you lathering up the correct way and will see hair health recover in days. 1. Always... Read More