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How To Tan Your Face

26th Jul 2021

How To Tan Your Face

Exfoliating The Face

Just like with any fake tan application, you want to ensure that you have sloughed away any dead skin cells! The night before your treatment, treat yourself to a pamper night with The Facial PolishThe Clay Mask and your favourite Night Cream. This will not only allow for a little me time but create the perfect base for your fake tan.

Cleanse your skin

On tanning day, you want to be sure that your skin is the very best it can be!

Once you’re ready to make a start you should begin by cleansing your face to ensure that the surface of your skin is squeaky clean! We love The Cleansing Balm for a deep cleanse!

Be sure to dry your face thoroughly and remove any excess water.

Extra water in the pores can often reduce the effectiveness of your fake tan.

Exfoliating face

Start with Small Amounts

Much like with other things, it’s always best to start with less than you think you may need, and add more as you go!

Place a small amount of your favourite tan into the palm of your hand and start to rub it into your face and neck, always blending outwards.

Take extra care to cover the area around the nose and continue to blend until the guide colour looks even from the top of your forehead to the start of your decolletage.

Don’t Touch!

We know you want to make sure that your application is even and that you’ll be the glowing god or goddess of your dreams, but try your best not to touch your face during development.

Wait for the tan to take full effect and gently wash off the residue with a gentle face wash that won’t strip the skin of the gorgeous colour you’ve just applied.

Tanning Face

Look for Face specific products

When in doubt, talk to the experts right? Tanning your face can be a challenge, so why not take a look for products made specifically for your face?

We love our Sienna X Concentrated Tanning Drops 20ml in our everyday skincare routines for an easy gradual glow, or if you prefer a mist, why not take a look at the Gradual Rose Water Mist?

Before you know it, you’ll be tanned and glowing for a fun-packed week! We promise even your friends will ask how you did it!

Sienna X is our brand of the month at BeyondBeautiful, so you can achieve this easy glow with up to 54% off the brand!