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5 Tips To Maintain Your Hair Colour At Home

Lockdown is finally coming to an end and, with hair salons among the first businesses to open back up, we’re super excited to book in for a colouring treatment. But before you race to your nearest hairdresser, be warned: the waiting lists are real. We’ve sat patiently for almost four months, though, so what’s a little more? Especially if you’re armed with all the tricks of the trade to tide you over just that tiny bit longer. So, book yourself an appointment, be prepared to wait for just a couple... Read More


Top Cruelty Free Hair & Beauty Brands

With an increasing amount of people becoming aware of their ethical choices when shopping, maybe yourself included, you may be surprised on the amount of brands supporting the cruelty-free movement. But what does it actually mean if a brand is labelled cruelty free? Simply put, the ingredients within the products will not of been tested on animals. So to help with finding the brands that are right for you, here are our top choices of cruelty-free hair and beauty brands which all have certifications.  Dr. Hauschka  Dr. Hauschka specialise in a range... Read More

Top 5 Shampoo Treatments for Dry Hair

It may seem that you are forever searching for the best shampoo treatment for your dry hair. With an endless amount of different formulas out there, which one will give you the silky smooth and nourished results you are looking for on a day to day basis?  Fight off those split ends, rough textures and re-hydrate with our top 5 shampoo solutions to conquer your dry hair once and for all! 1. Kérastase Nutritive Bain Magistral Shampoo 250ml 2. Redken All Soft Shampoo 1 Litre (RCT Protein Complex) 3. American Crew Daily Moisturising... Read More

How To Wash Your Hair Properly…

You may wash your hair almost everyday but are you doing it right? Washing your hair the right way can make all the difference when it comes to optimum hair health – not to mention the bounce and shine you achieve. Even the savviest of us are making mistakes when it comes to washing our hair and damaging our locks without even knowing.  But never fear, Treat Your Skin is here with a handy guide that’ll have you lathering up the correct way and will see hair health recover in days. 1. Always... Read More