8 Easy Self-Tanning Hacks

Check out these tantastic(!) tips for a gorgeous summer bronze all year round. Follow these hacks and you’ll be read to glow in no time…

Self Tan Those Hard-To-Reach Areas

Unfortunately we’re not all flexible enough to tan our own back, and don’t have a friend on standby for back tanning duties 24/7. So try this easy, fuss-free way to tan those hard-to-reach places.

Grab your trusty tan mitt and place it over a long-handled body brush, securing it in place with a hair band. Apply your favourite Vita Liberata Tan and bronze on up safe in the knowledge you’ve covered every inch of your back.

Top Up Your Hand Tan

Tan fading too quickly on your hands? You wash your hands more frequently than any other part of your body, so naturally, your tan will fade slightly quicker on your hands. Top up your hand tan with Vita Liberata Trystal Bronzing Minerals for an instant boost that will leave a subtle, lasting bronze underneath.

Self Tan and Look Instantly Slimmer

Want to look instantly slimmer without breaking a sweat? A faux glow instantly creates a slimming & concealing finish for all skin tones and body shapes to flatter your figure.

Skin Finishing School

Take your bronze to the next level with Marula Self Tan Dry Oil! After applying your pHenomenal Tan and rinsing off the guide colour to reveal your lasting tan underneath, apply Marula to the additional areas you want shaded for a deeper glow and bronze sheen. Shade between your thighs, underneath your bicep, underneath your collarbone and on your outer torso to slim down the appearance of these areas.

Eat Your Way to a Golden Glow

For the best tan result, eat your greens – particularly spinach, kale and avocado. This will boost your L-lysine levels and ensure your tan result is smooth, even and long lasting. If the body doesn’t have enough lysine, your tan won’t develop! So this is a biggy.

Hydrate Skin from the Inside, Out

Up your water intake. Keeping hydrated will improve your skin and offer a more even, balanced base for tanning. This will give you a flawless tan result and even, natural fade.

The Essential ‘Damp Cloth’ Routine

Want to avoid tell-tale tan signs? Get your hands and feet right! Imagine you’re on a beach – the sides of your feet, and between your fingers won’t get the sun, so don’t tan these areas. For perfect hands and feet, use whatever solution is left on your mitt after tanning the rest of your body, and just brush the mitt across the top of your hands and feet. Then follow the Vita Liberata ‘Damp Cloth Routine’ – wipe your ankles, knuckles and where the palm of your hand meets your wrist. If you’re worried about getting it wrong, Trystal™ Minerals Self Tanning Bronzing Powder is a great quick-fix for hands and feet!

Brush Your Way to Bronze

Get the perfect tan application by using a large bronzing brush to apply your mousse or lotion self tan! This may seem unusual, but it will leave a flawless, even finish; and will make achieving lasting contours across the face and body so easy.

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