7 Top Tips For Growing Healthy Nails

What’s worse than a heartbreak? Nail breakage. 

Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but I think we can all agree that not only is nail breakage incredibly frustrating, it can be seriously painful!

Brittle nails suck, but there are a number of ways you can help promote healthy growth and flexibility to ensure you get the best out of your nails. Now don’t get me wrong, we all know you can never go wrong with a great manicure, however maintaining healthy nails requires extra daily care but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive or time consuming.

Here are our top tips for keeping your nails strong and healthy on a daily basis.

Tip #1 – No nail biting 

Some of you will just be grossed out by this habit, but for others it is a lot easier said then to done to stop. Biting your nails can cause a lot of damage as when your nails encounter saliva it makes them weak and brittle as well as affecting your cuticles. 

Nail biting is a nervous habit, which can rapidly become uncontrollable. If you struggle with this habit, we recommend using The Mavala Stop – Nail Biting Treatment – which helps to discourage nail biting and thumb sucking.

Tip #2 – Keep the nails dry and clean

Especially important for those always on the move, not keeping your nails dry and clean throughout the day contribute to germs and bacteria which is one of the main reasons for damaged, weaker nails. Regularly clean your nails and make sure any nail tools you are using have been sanitised. 

One golden rule to remember when cleaning your nails is to never expose your nails to water for a longer time as it allows them to weaken and split quickly. 

Try and also avoid your nails from growing too long, this is because the longer they are the easier it is for dirt and bacteria to accumulate below the nails. 

Tip #3 – Apply a basecoat before any nail polish 

We recommend applying a base coat on the nail as this forms a protective layer on the skin while also preventing the nails from discolouration and staining. The base coat also allows the nails to seal in much needed moisture for promoting healthy growth and flexibility so all in all, it’s worth the extra coat.

If you currently struggle with brittle nails, we recommend the Jessica Recovery Basecoat for Brittle Nails 14.8ml. This base coat is specifically designed for brittle nails and features their unique moisture-restoring complex. 

The reason we love Jessica’s products is because they are cruelty free and 7 free. 

When shopping for your next favourite nail polish, you should always make sure they are non-toxic as this is key in the long term for maintaining healthy, gorgeous nails and skin.

Tip #4 – Pick your nail polish remover wisely and no scraping 

When it comes to removing your nail polish, I think it goes without saying that you should never scrape your polish off. It is another one of those unhealthy habits that we can easily catch on to but it’s one you need to avoid as it makes the surface of your nails rough and patchy. 

It is also equally important to choose your nail polish remover carefully and the rule of thumb is to always choose an acetone free nail polish remover. Acetone is very harsh and damaging on both the nails and skin. It likes to heavily dry out the nail which, in turn, increases the chances of breakage.

The nail polish remover we recommend is the Jessica Non-Acetone Polish Remover 118ml. It effectively removes the polish without stripping the nails of any important oils and nutrients, meaning you can repaint them whenever you wish without the risk of any damage.

Tip #5 – Always wear gloves when cleaning and washing dishes 

As we mentioned above that exposing your nails to water for a long time allows them to weaken and split quickly, it also applies for when you are washing and handling your cleaning detergents. These products contain chemicals that can quickly cause harm to the nail when they come into contact. A quick and easy fix to avoid this as well as protecting your nails from overexposure to water is by wearing gloves when getting through the household chore list. 

Tip #6 – Make sure you are having a well balanced diet

Having a well balanced diet is the solution to many health problems, your nails are definitely part of that. 

Studies have shown that calcium deficiency is one of the main causes for brittle nails. So a simple addition you can easily add into your diet is drinking at least one cup of milk daily. 

The other parts of your diet which are very important for healthy, strong nails is getting in your vitamins (E and D), minerals (zinc, magnesium, iron) and protein. By taking small steps to improving your diet and making it more well balanced, you will not only see benefits in nail health but also huge leaps in overall health and well being.

Tip #7 – Consider supplementing you diet with Biotin

Taking supplements is an easy, convenient way to make sure you are getting the vitamins and nutrients you need into your diet. Studies have shown that brittle nails which are prone to breakages could be a sign of biotin deficiency. As well as having a well balanced diet, supplementing with Biotin is great way to help promote growth and strength in nails.   

We recommend using the Advanced Nutrition Programme Pro-Vitality Formula. Packed with vitamins and zinc for healthy skin, selenium and biotin for nails and hair plus B vitamins to support your metabolism, the Pro-Vitality Formula is a premium supplement for not only healthier, stronger nails but also optimal well being.

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