5 Tips To Maintain Your Hair Colour At Home

Lockdown is finally coming to an end and, with hair salons among the first businesses to open back up, we’re super excited to book in for a colouring treatment. But before you race to your nearest hairdresser, be warned: the waiting lists are real. We’ve sat patiently for almost four months, though, so what’s a little more? Especially if you’re armed with all the tricks of the trade to tide you over just that tiny bit longer.

So, book yourself an appointment, be prepared to wait for just a couple more weeks, and – in the meantime – use these top tips to achieve gorgeous at-home colour.

Tip 1

Roots getting you down, but scared to colour them yourself? Step in L’Oréal Professionnel Hair Touch Up Concealer Spray. This spray-on wonder-product has been formulated with make-up pigments to ensure any unwanted greys are convincingly concealed – and it works! Not only that, but it’s a brilliant temporary solution – simply select one of the six shades, shake, apply and style.

Tip 2

Hair colour faded and in desperate need of a revive? Look no further than Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme, which has been designed to perk up dull-looking colour and tide you over in-between hair appointments. With 16 shades on offer, finding a close match to your original colour is easy. Once you’ve selected your hue, apply it to washed, towel-dried hair, then leave it for three minutes and rinse. The product is completely free from peroxide and ammonia, so it’s gentle on your locks, and is moisturising, nourishing and detangling.

Tip 3

Want to mix up your look with a splash of something bright? We’ve got the answers. For vibrant, unusual hair colours, check out Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Colour Cream. Known in the beauty industry as one of the top colouring products, it comes in 38 incredible shades that are guaranteed to make you stand out. What’s more, it washes out in just three to six washes, so you’ll be able to return to a more natural look when it’s time to head back to the office. Top tip: make sure you use gloves!

Tip 4

Hair feeling dry, but also looking lacklustre and in need of an injection of colour? You’ll need a deeply nourishing hair mask – which dyes at the same time. Yes, our prayers have been answered! The Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask uses an amino acid blend, apricot kernel oil and reparative ArganID™ technology to hydrate and condition, while also tinting the hair. There are seven shades on offer, ranging from natural-looking hues such as champagne and cocoa to more daring colours such as hibiscus and aquamarine.

Tip 5

Hoping for a pastel shade but can only get your hands on something far brighter? All hope is not lost! The OSMO Color Psycho Color Tamer has been designed to be mixed with the range of OSMO Color Psycho Semi-Permanent Hair Color Creams, so that you can create a colour that works for you. Simply mix the two products together in a bowl until you have reached the desired shade, apply it to the hair, wait for the product to develop and wash away. It couldn’t be easier.

Have you tried any of the products recommended above? Share your look and let us know your favourites by posting on Instagram with the hashtag #TreatYourselfClub.

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